Celebrities are just like you and me. They have likes, dislikes, and sometimes impressive collections of items that might surprise the general public. Today, we'll be looking at the unique Barbie collection of one of the most famous character actors of our time, Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp: Barbie Collector

Depp's collection stems from the time he spent playing Barbies with his daughter, Lilly Rose. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Depp stated "I used to test characters on her... Willy Wonka, Captain Jack, there's another one I can't remember which one, but basically one day we were playing Barbies, and then she decided to just go, 'Daddy, just do it normal, just cut out the voices.' And that was the day I stopped playing Barbies with her." While a little heartbreaking, this is what ultimately started his collection.

Over the years Depp's collection grew so much that the actor has had to find storage for them. Per the YouTube channel StarXtreme, Depp's collection comprises of rare Barbie dolls and a large number of celebrity dolls. Depp even updates the celebrity dolls to reflect what's going on in that celebrity's personal life. While many find this to be a weird hobby, I find it to be rather endearing. And truly, who are we to judge someone else's harmless collections?

Barbie dolls can be highly collectible.

The very first Barbie doll, introduced to the world in 1959, has sold for over $27K, as noted in a 2018 Money, Inc article. Even in used condition, the first Barbie doll can fetch thousands of dollars.

While no Barbie has reached the one million dollar mark, original Barbies are a worthwhile investment if you find the right ones. As noted, the first Barbie doll will always do well, yet the first Barbie is not one of the most valuable.

The queen.

The Stefani Canturi Barbie doll is one of the most expensive and rarest Barbies of them all.

This decadent and lavishly over-the-top Barbie boasts a one-carat emerald-cut Australian pink diamond, with white diamonds surrounding it.

The white diamonds total up to 3 carats respectively, and even more impressive, this doll sold at auction for $302,5000.

As we've covered before, Barbie is no stranger to other types of media. She's also been featured in video games and comic books.
Her collectibility and value should not be overlooked.

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