Dayton, Ohio- *Checker Book Publishing Group is excited to announce that some of our great new titles from our highly anticipated fall 2007 lineup began being shipped by Diamond Comics Distributors the week of October 15th . The shipment contained of the following titles:

Dream of the Rarebit Fiend: The Saturdays /* JUN073373
This oversized volume collects in a softcover edition for the first time McCay’s groundbreaking Saturday strips from March 1904-October 1911. These were wild, imaginative fantasy strips, with no recurring characters, which featured the protagonists having a dream caused by eating “rarebit”. Each cartoon is a self-contained and ended as the dreamer awoke from his or her nightmare. Checker’s new softcover edition of */Dream of the Rarebit Fiend/* makes this collection available to the book trade and collectors since the very limited edition hardcover edition was released only to comic book stores, and just as quickly sold out, in 2006.

Dream of the Rarebit Fiend: The Saturdays/* Winsor McCay,
$19.95, ISBN –10 1-933160-65-9, ISBN-13 978-1-933160-65-8, 200 pages,
full color,

Winsor McCay: Early Works Vol. 9 JUL063019
Winsor McCay’s art shouts from rooftops of the great architecture of modernist America. A triple dose of “Dream of the Rarebit Fiend” Saturdays, weekdays, and a color section. .Also more scathing editorial works and extremely rare illustrations from “Temperance- or Prohibition.”

Winsor McCay: Early Works Vol. 9 /Winsor McCay, Writer/Illustrator
$19.95, ISBN –10 1-933160-07-1 ISBN-13 978-1-933160-07-8, 200 pages

Scion- Volume 6: Royal Wedding/*: JAN073489
The great war between the Heron Dynasty and the Raven Dynasty is quelled by the marriage of Ylena, daughter of Heron King Dane, and the malevolent Bron of the Raven Dynasty. This edition includes the issues 34-39 of the original series.

Scion- Volume 6: Royal Wedding/ Writer, Ron Marz; Illustrator, Jimmy Cheung
$17.95, ISBN-10 1-933160-60-8 ISBN-13 978-1-933160-60-3, 172 pages, full color, glossy paper stock.

Way of The Rat, V 3 : Haunted Zhumar /FEB073297
Trapped in Old Mother’s house by an army of evil ghosts, things get bad for Boon and Po Po thanks to arrival of Kung Kung Yi. Who is this powerful spirit and why do the undead fear him? This edition collects issues 13-18 of the original series.

Way of The Rat, V 3 : Haunted Zhumar Writer ,Chuck Dixon; Illustrator,
Jeff Johnson
$17.95, ISBN -10 1-933160-59-4, ISBN-13 978-1-933160-59-7 172 pages, full color, glossy paper stock

Sigil Vol. 5 Death Match/* MAR073294
The next galactic graphic novel IS HERE! Humanity’s last hope for survival is a grizzled mercenary. To save us all, Samandahl Rey must face the mighty Suarian Weapon master, but what will Sam be forced to unleash to achieve his victory? This edition collects issues 27-32 of the series.

Sigil Vol. 5 Death Match/* Writer, Chuck Dixon; Illustrator, Scott Eaton
$17.95, ISBN –10 1-933160-58-6, ISBN-13 978-1-933160-58-0, 172 pages, full color, glossy paper stock

Flash Gordon Volume 1 /*MAR042360
Attention all Flash Gordon and sci-fi fans! This is your lucky day. Checker is printing this book for the *_third_ *time. Raymond's gorgeously drawn classic comic strip This full color first volume of Alex has already sold thousands and thousands of copies. Because of its popularity, it is extremely hard to keep this title in stock. Due to the fact that the new /Flash Gordon/ smash hit television series on the Sci-Fi Channel will create a whole new generation of /Flash Gordon /fans, Checker has decided to bring the title back. The reprint copies are going fast, so get yours now.

*/Flash Gordon Vol. 1/* Alex Raymond.*/ /*Writer/Illustrator
$19.95, ISBN10 0-9741664-3-X ISBN-13 978-0-974166-43-8, 96 pages, color

Growing old with BC; A 50 Year Celebration /*JUN073372
This fall Checker Book Publishing marks the upcoming 50th anniversary of an American cartoon icon: B.C. by Johnny Hart!! We will are proud to present the VERY BEST collection of BC, strips chosen by Johnny Hart prior to his death in April 2007, in a collection which celebrates the half- century love affair America has with the introspective caveman community. Featuring rare and never before published concept art for the strip and a compendium of each individual decade, the /GrowinGold With BC: A 50 Year Celebration /edition collects the Reuben award winning strip more comprehensively than ever before. Thor, Wiley, Ida and of course BC himself are all here in one hilarious birthday party for one of America's most enduring comic strips. The collection features special artwork drawn by Johnny Hart for this edition prior to his passing.

Growingold with BC A 50 Year Celebration /*Johnny Hart.
$19.95, ISBN-13: 978-1-933160-68-9 ISBN-10: 1-933160-68-3, 200 pages, black and white