There's a lot going on in the comic community these days, particularly in the Indie sector. Here's a look at some of the latest when it comes to collabs, special releases, and exclusives in the indie world.

The comic-collecting community is much like comics themselves; incredibly diverse and fun to engage with.  Whether it's chatting with people at your local shop or on an online discussion forum to the hustle and bustle of conventions, there's something for everyone.

If you've attended conventions, then you've probably met Dan Scott (Scott's Collectables), and if you collect indie comics, you have likely heard the name Ben Chase (ECGCE Comics).  These two are role models in the comic-collecting community who work with a plethora of authors, artists, and businesses in the community.  They know that not everyone can attend conventions, and to make sure no one is left out, they also host amazing online communities.  (Check out the ECGCE Discord, SIKTC Facebook group, Scott's Collectables Facebook group, etc).  As a gesture to the online community and a thank you to me (a long-time supporter of the SiKtC Group), they wanted to share some exciting exclusive news with our network.

There is A LOT coming in the next few months, so I will do my best to keep this as concise as I can.  There are 3 unique partnerships they have formed with indie publishers that all have some very exciting things being brought to the table.  First and foremost, a special offer for the LEGEND ViPs (the highest tier of their Patreon program).

Seven Years in Darkness Exclusives


"The Academy of Black Magic has reopened its doors for the first time in 200 years! Seventy-two children will walk through the Academy doors for freshmen year. But only seven will graduate and walk out alive! Their seven-year journey starts here, in this dark and sweeping fantasy epic from acclaimed comics creator Joe Schmalke!" 

If you're a fan of SIKTC then you're probably familiar with Joseph Schmalke as his SIKTC issue #1 and #2 covers are some of the most coveted.  Another coveted cover is issue #11 1:100 variant by Martin SimmondsTynion fans will be familiar with Simmonds’ unique expressive painter art style from The Department of Truth.  A perfect match for this dark fantasy, they have lined up Martin to do the cover for the ViP LEGENDS. 

CEX has partnered with ECGCE x Scott’s, in the first of a series of upcoming collabs, to offer fans a true collectible.  The second printing of issue #1 SOLD OUT via Diamond/Lunar in 24 hours, and has been rushed back to third print.  With their partnership they have negotiated to have THE ONLY exclusive being offered for the second and third print.  This is built around the core motives of what Dan and Ben have always strived for, which is creating true collectibles for fans.  They have a very ambitious aim to bring “exclusivity” back to exclusives, and if they keep this up they might just do it!  Keep your eyes peeled because we may get to see the art for this come late May!

Upcoming Partnerships Detailed

Source Point Press

ECGCE has also forged a partnership with Source Point Press and will be the ONLY outlet you can get their ashcans from moving forward. Source Point Press has been the heart of comic publishing in midwestern America, bringing in industry legends and rising talents to bring comic readers all things horror, sci-fi, pulp, true crime, the occult, and supernatural. 

Keep your eyes open for a new series “SWAG JACKERS” (and ashcans) with Kael Ngu! A little bomb drop for those actually reading, this new series will be a part of the GOOD BOY universe and officially expands it in a very fun and surprising new way. “SWAG JACKERS” Will be available to ANYONE signed up to the ViP program (any tier), starting 2 PM EST Wed May 17th.

The next exciting partnership is an exclusivity deal with Bliss on Tap. 

Bliss on Tap Publishing logo

Bliss on Tap is run by a father-son team and provides readers with some of the most distinct Indie comics with stories for those who don't always find what they're looking for in the mainstream.  As well as creating books like “THE DUEL”, they also work hand in hand with some of the top movie studios in Hollywood.  Even if you aren’t a part of the ViP program, do yourself a favor and check out the books Bliss on Tap puts out, you will NOT regret it!
They have a book coming next month called “Killing Hope”, with cover art by Caspar Wijngaard.  The title itself sounds insanely promising, and rumour is Hollywood is already keen on it.  This will be another book that is open to ALL ViPs of any tier.


Something Is Killing the Children (SIKTC) 

The award-winning Indie comic, Something is Killing the Children, by James Tynion IV (Author) and Werther Dell'Edera (Artist) has just taken a hiatus with the conclusion of its story arc in issue #30.  As we wait to see how and if Erica Slaughter can deal with Charlotte Cutter and a Duplicatype while protecting Gabi when SIKTC returns in July, we can look forward to it returning with a stellar exclusive cover! 

If you're a VIP member of the ECGCE x Scott’s Patreon (link at top of article), then you've already seen some of the amazing exclusive SIKTC variants.  Check out the tease below, Ben said there will be a “Black and White”, “Bloodied Ink”, & “Full Color HOLOFOIL” being made available to ViPs. This is likely going to go quick, they said it would be available the weekend of May 19th). 

This is an exclusive partnership with Third Eye Comics, one of the best shops in the industry and someone Ben and Dan collaborate with often.


There is a lot to look forward to and something for everyone.  If you’re new to the hobby, the stories produced by the big two (Marvel and DC) and their communities might be too daunting for a newcomer to jump into.  Now you can get in on the ground floor with like-minded companies whose goals are to build a positive community and enhance your comic reading experience. 

A huge thank you to Ben and Dan for allowing me to share this news with everyone!  If you want to be the first to know about special events like these or just want to enjoy this magical hobby with others head over to:

Scotts' Collectables, Facebook, Instagram

ECGCE, Facebook, Instagram