ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List for Thursday, September 4, 2008.

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PLEASE NOTE- Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores.
Let me know if any of the names or numbers are wrong.

Items labeled "Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution" are items
being released this week per sources other than Diamond Distribution.

09/04/08,"AAM MARKOSIA","Boy Who Made Silence #6 (of 6)",$3.50
09/04/08,"AAM MARKOSIA","N-Guard #2",$3.50
09/04/08,"ABDOTC PUBLISHING","Battle Cry Art Of Samurai Champloo HC (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$34.99
09/04/08,"ABDOTC PUBLISHING","Fusion Junction HC Queen Of Arts (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$39.99
09/04/08,"ABDOTC PUBLISHING","Fusion Junction HC Vol 03 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$34.99
09/04/08,"ANARCHY STUDIOS/HARRIS COMICS","Best Of Vampirella Lost Tales TP (Arthur Suydam Signed & Numbered Edition)",$39.95
09/04/08,"ANARCHY STUDIOS/HARRIS COMICS","Vampirella Quarterly Summer 2008 (Joe Jusko Regular Edition)",$4.99
09/04/08,"ANARCHY STUDIOS/HARRIS COMICS","Vampirella Quarterly Summer 2008 (Stephen Segovia Regular Edition)",$4.99
09/04/08,"ANDREWS AND MCMEEL","Dilbert TP Pretend To Add Value",$12.99
09/04/08,"ANTARCTIC PRESS","AP Action GN 5-pack 2008",$34.95
09/04/08,"ANTARCTIC PRESS","AP Sci-Fi GN 5-pack 2008",$34.95
09/04/08,"ARCANA STUDIO","Tales Of Penance Trial Of The Century #3 (of 4) (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$3.95
09/04/08,"ARCHIE COMICS","Archie Digest #247",$2.49
09/04/08,"ARCHIE COMICS","Veronica #190",$2.25
09/04/08,"BLACK LIBRARY","Warhammer 40K Blood Angels Red Fury MMPB (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$7.99
09/04/08,"BLACK LIBRARY","Warhammer Empire In Chaos MMPB (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$7.99
09/04/08,"BLACK LIBRARY","Warhammer Time Legends Nagash Sorcerer MMPB (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$7.99
09/04/08,"BLOOMSBURY","Rapunzels Revenge SC",$14.99
09/04/08,"BONGO COMICS","Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror TP Vol 05 Dead Mans Jest",$15.95
09/04/08,"BOOM! STUDIOS","Challenger Deep #1 (of 4)",$3.99
09/04/08,"BOOM! STUDIOS","Cthulhu The Fugue Poster",$14.99
09/04/08,"BOOM! STUDIOS","High Rollers #2 (of 4)",$3.99
09/04/08,"BOOM! STUDIOS","Necronomicon #1 (of 4)",$3.99
09/04/08,"CATULLUS","Fokke & Sukke SC",$10.50
09/04/08,"CHECKER BOOK PUBLISHING GROUP","Beetle Bailey By Mort Walker HC Vol 01",$24.95
09/04/08,"COMIC BOOK LEGAL DEFENSE FUND","Bone Print Signed By Jeff Smith",$25.00
09/04/08,"COMIC SHOP NEWS INC","Comic Shop News #1107","AR"
09/04/08,"DARK HORSE","Buffy the Vampire Slayer #18 (Season Eight)(Regular Jo Chen Cover)",$2.99
09/04/08,"DARK HORSE","Buffy the Vampire Slayer #18 (Season Eight)(Variant Georges Jeanty Cover)",$2.99
09/04/08,"DARK HORSE","Buffy The Vampire Slayer Omnibus TP Vol 05",$24.95
09/04/08,"DARK HORSE","End League #4",$2.99
09/04/08,"DARK HORSE","Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service TP Vol 07",$10.95
09/04/08,"DARK HORSE","MPD Psycho TP Vol 06",$10.95
09/04/08,"DARK HORSE","Umbrella Academy Magnet",$4.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Action Comics #866 (2nd Printing)",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Adam Strange Special #1",$3.50
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Army @ Love The Art Of War #2 (of 6)",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Authority #2",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Batman Gotham Underground Poster",$7.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Batman Gotham Underground Poster Prepack",$39.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Batman Strikes #49",$2.25
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Crayon Shinchan TP Vol 04",$7.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Death Of The New Gods HC",$29.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Detective Comics #848 (Batman R.I.P.)",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Dr Fate Countdown To Mystery TP",$17.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","El Diablo #1 (of 6)",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Fables #75",$4.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Fringe #1 (of 6)",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Green Lantern #34",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Hellblazer Presents Chas The Knowledge #3 (of 5)",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Hellblazer The Laughing Magician TP",$14.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","House Of Mystery #5",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Invasion TP",$24.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Jonah Hex #35",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","King Of Cards TP Vol 05",$9.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Looney Tunes #166",$2.25
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Manhunter #34",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Nightwing #148 (Batman R.I.P.)",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Secret Six #1",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Showcase Presents Superman TP Vol 04",$16.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Storming Paradise #3 (of 6)",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Supergirl #33",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Teru Teru X Shonen TP Vol 03",$9.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Titans #4",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Tor #5 (of 6)",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Trinity #14",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Un-Men #13",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Vinyl Underground #12",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","War That Time Forgot #5 (of 12)",$2.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Wonder Woman #13 Poster",$7.99
09/04/08,"DC COMICS","Wonder Woman #13 Poster Prepack",$39.99
09/04/08,"DEL REY MANGA","Mamotte Lollipop GN Vol 07",$10.95
09/04/08,"DEL REY MANGA","Mushishi GN Vol 05",$12.95
09/04/08,"DEL REY MANGA","Princess Resurrection GN Vol 04",$10.95
09/04/08,"DENNIS PUBLISHING","Fortean Times #240",$11.99
09/04/08,"DESPERADO PUBLISHING","Deadworld Dead Killer TP (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$14.99
09/04/08,"DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING","Spooks Omega Team #1 (Archer Cover B)",$3.50
09/04/08,"DEVILS DUE PUBLISHING","Spooks Omega Team #1 (Seeley Cover A)",$3.50
09/04/08,"DIGITAL MANGA","Clear Skies A Charming Love Story Novel",$8.95
09/04/08,"DIGITAL MANGA","Todays Ulterior Motives GN Vol 01 (of 2)",$12.95
09/04/08,"DK PUBLISHING","Vertigo Encyclopedia HC",$30.00
09/04/08,"DRAWN AND QUARTERLY","Berlin TP Book 02 City Of Smoke",$19.95
09/04/08,"DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","Army Of Darkness Long Road Home #12 (Fabiano Neves and Stjepan Sejic covers)",$3.50
09/04/08,"DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","Boys #22",$2.99
09/04/08,"DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","Man With No Name #1 (Wanted Poster Blank Cover)",$10.00
09/04/08,"DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","New Battlestar Galactica Season Zero #12 (Jackson Herbert and photo covers)",$2.99
09/04/08,"DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","Red Sonja 35th Anniversary Statue (Inspired By Marc Silvestri)",$349.99
09/04/08,"DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT","Savage Tales #9",$4.99
09/04/08,"ELDER SIGNS PRESS","Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia",$17.95
09/04/08,"FANTAGRAPHICS","Baobab #3 (resolicited)",$7.95
09/04/08,"FANTAGRAPHICS","Comics Journal #292",$11.99
09/04/08,"FANTAGRAPHICS","Complete Crumb Comics SC #11 (New Printing)",$19.99
09/04/08,"FANTAGRAPHICS","Deitchs Pictorama SC",$18.99
09/04/08,"FANTAGRAPHICS","Krazy & Ignatz TP 1925-1926 A Happy Lend Fur Away (New Printing)",$19.99
09/04/08,"FANTAGRAPHICS","Love & Rockets New Stories #1",$14.99
09/04/08,"FANTAGRAPHICS","Portable Frank SC",$16.99
09/04/08,"FIRST SECOND","Life Sucks HC (Collectors Edition)",$29.95
09/04/08,"FIRST SECOND","Prince Of Persia GN (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$16.95
09/04/08,"FIRST SECOND","Slow Storm GN",$17.95
09/04/08,"FUTURE PUBLISHING LTD","SFX #173",$9.99
09/04/08,"GIRL TWIRL COMICS","Martian Confederacy GN Vol 1 Rednecks Red Planet",$15.00
09/04/08,"GRAND CENTRAL PUBLISHING","Shooting War TP",$13.99
09/04/08,"GRAPHIC AUDIO","DC Comics Superman Never Ending Battle Audio CD (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$19.99
09/04/08,"GRAPHIX","Good Neighbors HC Vol 01 Kin (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$16.99
09/04/08,"GREYSTONE INN COMICS","Evil Inc Annual Report GN Vol 02 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$15.00
09/04/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Angel After The Fall #12 (Incentive Alex Garner Virgin Cover)","AR"
09/04/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Angel After The Fall #12 (Incentive Brian Miller Virgin Cover)","AR"
09/04/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Angel After The Fall #12 (Regular Cover A)",$3.99
09/04/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Angel After The Fall #12 (Regular Cover B)",$3.99
09/04/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Complete Badger TP Vol 04",$19.99
09/04/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Dreamland Chronicles IDW #3 (Dean Yeagle Cover Cover B)",$3.99
09/04/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Dreamland Chronicles IDW #3 (Scott Christian Sava Cover A)",$3.99
09/04/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Galaxy Quest Global Warning #2",$3.99
09/04/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Igor Movie Adaptation #3 (of 4)",$3.99
09/04/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Rogue Angel Teller Of Tales TP",$19.99
09/04/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Tank Girl Visions Of Booga #4",$3.99
09/04/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Transformers Best Of The UK Time Wars #2 (Incentive Retro Art Variant Cover)","AR"
09/04/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Transformers Best Of The UK Time Wars #2 (Regular Dan Khanna Cover)",$3.99
09/04/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Transformers Movie Prequel Saga Of The Allspark #3 (Cover A)",$3.99
09/04/08,"IDW PUBLISHING","Transformers Movie Prequel Saga Of The Allspark #3 (Cover B)",$3.99
09/04/08,"ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE","Illustration Magazine #23",$15.00
09/04/08,"IMAGE COMICS","Darkness #1-3 Reader Edition",$3.99
09/04/08,"IMAGE COMICS","Mixtape HC Vol 02 Jim Mahfood Art",$24.99
09/04/08,"IMAGE COMICS","Noble Causes #36",$3.50
09/04/08,"IMAGE COMICS","Roberts #1 (of 2)",$5.99
09/04/08,"IMAGE COMICS","Savage Dragon #137",$2.99
09/04/08,"IMAGE COMICS","Spawn #182",$2.95
09/04/08,"IMAGE COMICS","TMP NFL Brett Favre Coll Ed Action Figure","AR"
09/04/08,"IMAGE COMICS","Witchblade #120 (Matt Haley & Kevin Nowlan Cover B)",$2.99
09/04/08,"IMAGE COMICS","Witchblade #120 (Stjepan Sejic Cover A)",$2.99
09/04/08,"INNOVATIVE KIDS","Phonics Comics Level 1 Sugar And Spice Best Friends Forever",$3.99
09/04/08,"INNOVATIVE KIDS","Phonics Comics Level 2 Hiro Dragon Warrior Battle Mt Kamado",$3.99
09/04/08,"JEWISH PUBLICATION SOCIETY","From Krakow To Krypton Jews & Comic Books SC",$25.00
09/04/08,"JIM VADEBONCOEUR JR PUBLISHING","Vadeboncoeur Collection Of Images #10",$25.00
09/04/08,"KENZER AND COMPANY","Knights Of The Dinner Table #142",$4.99
09/04/08,"KODANSHA AMERICA","Yokai Attack Japanese Monster Survival Guide SC",$14.95
09/04/08,"KRAUSE PUBLICATIONS","Scrye #125 (Nov 2008)",$5.99
09/04/08,"LINSNER.COM","Dawn Genesis Digital Art Print",$25.00
09/04/08,"LINSNER.COM","Dawn Lacey Face Digital Art Print",$25.00
09/04/08,"MARRS MEDIA","Rue Morgue Magazine #82",$8.95
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Amazing Spider-Man #570 (Incentive Monkey Variant Cover)(Spider-Man New Ways To Die Tie-In)",$2.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Amazing Spider-Man #570 (Regular John Romita Jr Cover)(Spider-Man New Ways To Die Tie-In)",$2.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Amazing Spider-Man #570 (Variant Luke Ross Peter Parker Cover)(Spider-Man New Ways To Die Tie-In)",$2.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Anita Blake 2 Promo Postcards","AR"
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Clandestine Premiere HC Blood Relative",$19.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Counter X TP Vol 02",$19.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Dead Of Night Devil Slayer #1 (of 4)",$3.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Essential Thor TP Vol 02 (New Printing)",$16.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Eternals #4",$2.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Immortal Iron Fist TP Vol 02 Cities Of Heaven",$17.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Invincible Iron Man #5 (Incentive Monkey Variant Cover)",$2.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Invincible Iron Man #5 (Ryan Meinerding and Salvador Larroca covers)",$2.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Iron Man Golden Avenger",$2.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Iron Manual TP",$19.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Kick Ass Must Have",$4.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Marvel 1985 Must Have (Tommy Lee Edwards Cover)",$5.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Marvel 1985 Must Have (Wraparound Jim Cheung Cover)",$5.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Marvel Adventures Spider-Man TP Vol 10 Crisis Digest",$7.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Marvel Apes #1 (of 4)(Incentive Ramon Bachs Variant Cover)",$3.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Marvel Apes #1 (of 4)(Regular John Watson Cover)",$3.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Marvel Two-In-One #15",$4.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Ms Marvel Annual #1",$3.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Punisher War Journal #23 (Incentive Monkey Variant Cover)",$2.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Punisher War Journal #23 (Regular Alex Maleev Cover)",$2.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Secret Invasion Front Line #3 (of 5)(Secret Invasion Tie-In)",$2.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Secret Wars Alex Ross Poster",$7.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","She-Hulk 2 #31 (2nd Printing Cucca Variant)(Secret Invasion Tie-In)(He Loves You Part 2)",$2.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Season 2 #2 (of 5)(Incentive Monkey Variant Cover)",$2.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Season 2 #2 (of 5)(Regular Terry Moore Cover)",$2.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Sub-Mariner Depths #1 (of 4)",$3.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Tomb Of Dracula Colan Poster",$9.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Twelve 1/2",$3.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Twelve Premiere HC Vol 01",$24.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Ultimate Fantastic Four HC Vol 05",$34.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Universal War One #3 (of 3)",$5.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","Venom Dark Origin #2 (of 5)",$2.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","X-Factor #33 (2nd Printing Stroman Variant)(Secret Invasion Tie-In)(He Loves You Part 1)",$2.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","X-Force #5 (2nd Printing Clayton Crain Wraparound Variant Cover)",$2.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","X-Men Manifest Destiny #1 (of 4)(X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In)",$3.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","X-Men Origin Beast",$3.99
09/04/08,"MARVEL COMICS","X-Men Return Of Magik",$3.99
09/04/08,"MELANITE PRODUCTIONS","Midnight Marauder Art Of LeSean Thomas Vol 02 (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$39.99
09/04/08,"MIRAGE","Michelangelo Third Kind #1 (of 4)",$3.25
09/04/08,"MONKEYBRAIN","Impossible Territories Unofficial Companion To The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen",$15.95
09/04/08,"MOONSTONE","Tales Of Zorro SC",$16.95
09/04/08,"NETCOMICS","Let Dai GN Vol 14 (of 15)",$9.99
09/04/08,"OOG & BLIK","Waiting For Food Crumb Placemat Drawings HC Vol 02 (New Printing)",$25.99
09/04/08,"OOG & BLIK","Waiting For Food Crumb Placemat Drawings HC Vol 04",$25.99
09/04/08,"PANINI PUBLISHING","Doctor Who Special #20 Series 4 Companion",$13.99
09/04/08,"PANINI PUBLISHING","Dr Who Magazine #399",$7.99
09/04/08,"RANDOM HOUSE","Heroes MMPB Saving Charlie",$7.99
09/04/08,"RANDOM HOUSE","Star Wars Coruscant Nights MMPB Vol 02 Street Of Shadows",$7.99
09/04/08,"RANDOM HOUSE","Trick R Treat HC (Slipcased)",$45.00
09/04/08,"RAW JUNIOR","Mo And Jo GN Vol 01 Fighting Together Forever (Release not confirmed by Diamond Distribution)",$12.95
09/04/08,"REBELLION","2000 AD #1597",$4.50
09/04/08,"REBELLION","2000 AD #1598",$4.50
09/04/08,"REBELLION","2000 AD #1599",$4.50
09/04/08,"REBELLION","2000 AD #1600",$4.50
09/04/08,"REBELLION","Button Man TP Confession Of Harry Exton",$30.99
09/04/08,"REBELLION","Judge Anderson TP Shamballa",$34.00
09/04/08,"REBELLION","Judge Dredd Megazine #275",$7.50
09/04/08,"REBELLION","Nikolai Dante Sword Of The Tsar TP",$30.50
09/04/08,"REBELLION","Stickleback GN",$21.00
09/04/08,"RUNNING PRESS","You Must Remember This Warner Brothers Story HC",$50.00
09/04/08,"SANCTUM PRODUCTIONS","Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 20",$12.95
09/04/08,"SANCTUM PRODUCTIONS","Shadow Double Novel Vol 21",$12.95
09/04/08,"SEVEN SEAS ENTERTAINMENT","Dance In The Vampire Bund GN Vol 02",$9.99
09/04/08,"SPARKPLUG COMIC BOOKS","Tranny GN",$10.95
09/04/08,"SQPINC","Angel Song TP Vol 01",$19.95
09/04/08,"SQPINC","Fairy Song TP Vol 01",$19.95
09/04/08,"SQPINC","Mermaid Song TP Vol 01",$19.95
09/04/08,"SQPINC","Sword Song TP Vol 01",$19.95
09/04/08,"STARLOG GROUP","Starlog #369 (Sep 2008)",$7.99
09/04/08,"STERLING PUBLISHING","Book Of The Vampire HC",$24.95
09/04/08,"TASCHEN AMERICA","Sex to Sexty",$39.99
09/04/08,"TASCHEN AMERICA","WWW Hr Giger Com HC",$14.99
09/04/08,"TITAN BOOKS UK","Modesty Blaise TP Vol 14 Green Cobra",$19.95
09/04/08,"TOP SHELF PRODUCTIONS","Pinky & Stinky GN (New Printing)",$15.00
09/04/08,"TYNDALE HOUSE PUBLISHERS","Dopple Ganger Chronicles HC Vol 01 First Escape",$19.99
09/04/08,"UDON ENTERTAINMENT CORP","Street Fighter Remix #0",$3.95
09/04/08,"UNDERWOOD BOOKS","Telling Stories Classic Comic Art Of Frank Frazetta HC (Deluxe)",$49.95
09/04/08,"VERTICAL","Tezuka Dororo GN Vol 03",$13.95
09/04/08,"VIPER COMICS","Wulf & Batsy #3 (of 6)",$3.25
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Black Cat TP Vol 16",$7.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Bleach TP Vol 24",$7.95
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Dr Slump TP Vol 16",$7.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Gentlemens Alliance TP Vol 07",$8.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Gin Tama TP Vol 08",$7.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","High School Debut GN Vol 05",$8.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Honey & Clover TP Vol 03",$8.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Hunter X Hunter TP Vol 22",$7.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Kurohime TP Vol 07",$7.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Love Com TP Vol 08",$8.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Mixed Vegetables GN Vol 01",$8.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Monkey High GN Vol 03",$8.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","NANA TP Vol 12",$8.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Naruto TP Vol 31",$7.95
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","O Parts Hunter TP Vol 11",$9.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Adventure GN Vol 02",$7.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Prince Of Tennis GN Vol 27",$7.95
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","SA GN Vol 06",$8.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Sand Chronicles GN Vol 03",$8.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Shaman King TP Vol 18",$7.95
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Shonen Jump Vol 6 #10 (Oct 08)",$4.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Skip Beat TP Vol 14",$8.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Slam Dunk GN Vol 01",$7.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Vampire Knight TP Vol 05",$8.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Wanted Shojo Beat GN",$8.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Whistle TP Vol 20",$7.99
09/04/08,"VIZ MEDIA","Wild Ones GN Vol 04",$8.99
09/04/08,"WIZARD ENTERTAINMENT","Astonishing X-Men #25 (SDCC Bianchi Variant Cover CGC 9.8)","AR"
09/04/08,"WIZARDS OF THE COAST","Dark Sun Prism Pentad Book 01 Verdant Passage MMPB",$12.95
09/04/08,"WIZARDS OF THE COAST","Forgotten Realms Waterdeep Blackstaff Tower",$6.99
09/04/08,"WIZARDS OF THE COAST","Forgotten Realms Waterdeep Mistshore",$6.99
09/04/08,"WIZARDS OF THE COAST","Magic The Gathering Planeswalkers Guide Shards Alara",$16.95
09/04/08,"WIZARDS OF THE COAST","Ravenloft Heavens Bones MMPB",$6.99
09/04/08,"ZENESCOPE ENTERTAINMENT","Return To Wonderland Complete Signed Set",$25.00
09/04/08,"Cards - TOPPS COMPANY","Bowman 2008 Sterling NFL T/C Box","AR"
09/04/08,"Cards - PLAYOFF CORP","Playoff 2008 Absolute Memorabilia NFL Trading Card Box","AR"
09/04/08,"Cards - PLAYOFF CORP","Score 2008 Select NFL Trading Card Box","AR"
09/04/08,"Cards - UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT","Igor Movie T/C Box","AR"
09/04/08,"Cards - UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT","Upper Deck 2008 Icons NFL Trading Card Box","AR"
09/04/08,"Games - ALDERAC ENTERTAINMENT","Legend of the Burning Sands RPG Core Rulebook",$39.95
09/04/08,"Games - ALLIANCE GAMES DISTRIBUTORS","Classic Battletech Introductory Box Set",$39.99
09/04/08,"Games - ALLIANCE GAMES DISTRIBUTORS","Collateral Damage Anime Game",$39.95
09/04/08,"Games - OSPREY PUBLISHING","Field Of Glory Rulebook",$34.95
09/04/08,"Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","Falling Goblin Edition Card Game",$9.99
09/04/08,"Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","Gamemastery Flip-mat City Market",$12.99
09/04/08,"Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","Gamemastery Map Pack Dungeon Chambers",$12.95
09/04/08,"Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","Gamemastery Map Pack Fortress",$12.95
09/04/08,"Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","Gamemastery Map Pack Haunted Mansion",$12.95
09/04/08,"Games - PAIZO PUBLISHING LLC","Pathfinder Chronicles Guide To Darkmoon Vale",$17.99
09/04/08,"Games - PLAYROOM ENTERTAINMENT","Unspeakable Words",$20.00
09/04/08,"Games - PRESSMAN TOYS","The Office DVD Game","AR"
09/04/08,"Games - PRESSMAN TOYS","The Office Trivia Game","AR"
09/04/08,"Games - UPPER DECK ENTERTAINMENT","Ygo TCG Duelist Genesis Booster","AR"
09/04/08,"Games - WIZARDS OF THE COAST","Heroscape Exp Set Defenders Of Kinsland Assortment","AR"
09/04/08,"T-Shirts","Death II Blk T-Shirt LG",$17.95
09/04/08,"T-Shirts","Death II Blk T-Shirt MED",$17.95
09/04/08,"T-Shirts","Death II Blk T-Shirt XL",$17.95
09/04/08,"T-Shirts","Death II Blk T-Shirt XXL",$20.95
09/04/08,"T-Shirts","Painted Joker Blk T-Shirt LG",$22.49
09/04/08,"T-Shirts","Painted Joker Blk T-Shirt MED",$22.49
09/04/08,"T-Shirts","Painted Joker Blk T-Shirt XL",$22.49
09/04/08,"T-Shirts","Painted Joker Blk T-Shirt XXL",$25.99
09/04/08,"T-Shirts","Sinestro Corps Symbol Gold T/S LG",$17.95
09/04/08,"T-Shirts","Sinestro Corps Symbol Gold T/S MED",$17.95
09/04/08,"T-Shirts","Sinestro Corps Symbol Gold T/S XL",$17.95
09/04/08,"Videos","Legion Of Superheroes DVD Vol 03","AR"
09/04/08,"Videos","Naruto DVD Vol 27","AR"
09/04/08,"Videos","Osaka Popstar & American Legends Of Punk CD",$16.98
09/04/08,"Videos","Osaka Popstar Rock Em O-sock Em Live CD",$9.98
09/04/08,"Videos","Smallville Comp DVD Set Season 7","AR"
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Betty Boop Computer Sitter",$7.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Bleach 2009 Wall Calendar",$13.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Blue Line Pencilers & Inker Starting Art Set","AR"
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Dark Knight Batman Profile Wall Poster",$6.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Dark Knight Joker Ha Wall Poster",$6.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Dark Knight Jokes On You Door Poster",$8.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Dark Knight Style B Wall Poster",$6.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Dark Knight Style C Wall Poster",$6.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Family Guy Blue Harvest Playing Cards",$4.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Fishgirl Statue",$150.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Gallery Of Light Cinderella Miniature",$75.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Gremlins Gizmo 8-in Dancing Santa Plush",$24.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Halo 3 - Kubricks Series 2 Collectors 4-pk",$20.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Hulk Movie Action Figure Assortment 200803","AR"
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Indiana Jones Escaping The Tomb LG Giclee",$195.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Indiana Jones Escaping The Tomb Sm Giclee",$95.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Indiana Jones If Adventure Has A Name Giclee",$150.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Indiana Jones Resolve Fine Art Giclee On Canvas",$295.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Indiana Jones Resolve Fine Art Giclee On Paper",$95.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Lenox Fiery Fairy Figurine",$95.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Lenox My Very Own Mouseketeer Figurine",$98.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Lenox Witch Minnie Figurine",$38.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Madman Playset",$25.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Mandrake The Magician Statue",$174.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Marvel Iron Man Belt Buckle",$16.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Marvel Iron Man Wallet",$17.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Marvin The Martian Computer Sitter",$7.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Pez Halloween 12 Pc Asst (resolicited)","AR"
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Predator 20th Ann Ed Machete",$179.95
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Prince Valiant Statue",$174.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Simpsons Homer Computer Sitter",$7.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Space 1999 Laboratory Eagle Prop Replica","AR"
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Spider-Man Computer Sitter",$7.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Super Robot Wars Alteisen Riese Mod Kit",$45.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Star Wars Clone Wars Millennium Falcon",$259.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Star Wars Clone Wars Saga Legends Action Figure Assortment 200801","AR"
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Star Wars Clone Wars Transformers Action Figure Assortment 200801","AR"
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Star Wars Clone Wars Vehicle Assortment 200801","AR"
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Star Wars CW Galactic Heroes Cinema Scene Assortment 200801","AR"
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Star Wars Princess Leia As Slave Girl Poster",$6.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Tonner Tess Trueheart Doll","AR"
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Tonner Waiting W/baited Breath Doll","AR"
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Transformers Animated Deluxe Action Figure Assortment 200804","AR"
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Transformers Animated Leader Action Figure Assortment 200802","AR"
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Transformers Animated Voyager Action Figure Assortment 200803","AR"
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Tweety Computer Sitter",$7.99
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Uglydoll 7in Plush Series 3 Big Toe",$10.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Uglydoll 7in Plush Series 3 Bop N Beep",$10.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Uglydoll 7in Plush Series 3 Moxy",$10.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Uglydoll 7in Plush Series 3 Ox",$10.00
09/04/08,"Merchandise","Uglydoll 7in Plush Series 3 Red Ice Bat",$10.00

"adult products (ComicList neither recommends or condones the following titles. Read and use this information at your own risk.)",,,
09/04/08,"801 MEDIA","Just Around The Corner GN (adult)",$15.95
09/04/08,"801 MEDIA","Love & Alpha (adult)",$15.95
09/04/08,"CHRONICLE BOOKS","Playboy The Complete Centerfolds HC",$50.00
09/04/08,"TIME WARNER","Playboy Magazine Lingerie Oct Nov 2008 (adult)",$9.99
09/04/08,"TIME WARNER","Playboy Special Natural Beauties Oct Nov 2008 (adult)",$9.99
09/04/08,"Videos","Enzai Falsely Accused CD Rom Game (adult)",$34.95