All New Off Handbook Marvel Universe A To Z #10, $3.99
Black Panther #21, $2.99
Black Panther Bride TPB, $14.99
Captain America #23 CW, $2.99
Civil War Choosing Sides, $3.99
Daredevil #90, $2.99
Daredevil Devil Inside And Out Vol 1 TPB, $14.99
Exiles #87, $2.99
Heroes For Hire #3 CW, $2.99
Heroes Reborn Fantastic Four TPB, $29.99
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol 1 HC, $19.99
Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era Tales Suspense Vol 1 New Ed HC, $49.99
Marvel Masterworks Atlas Tales Suspense Vol 1 HC Var Ed 69, $54.99
Marvel Minimates 2-Pk Ser 13 Asst, AR
Marvel Previews #39 November 2006 Extras, AR
Marvel Select Flip Magazine #18, $4.99
Marvel Spotlight Heroes Reborn Onslaught Reborn, $2.99
Marvel Tales Flip Magazine #17, $4.99
New Avengers #24 CW, $2.99
New Excalibur #12, $2.99
Nextwave Agents Of Hate #9, $2.99
Ptolus City By The Spire 2nd Ptg Var #1 (Of 12), $2.99
Runaways Vol 6 Parental Guidance Digest TPB, $7.99
Sensational Spider-Man #31, $2.99
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #11, $2.99
Spider-Man Sinister 6 Sandman MED Statue, $85.00
Stan Lee Meets Thing, $3.99
Ultimate Spider-Man #101, $2.99
X-Men #192, $2.99
Young Avengers Vol 2 Family Matters Premiere HC, $22.99
Zombie #2 (Of 4), $3.99

Image from Amazon
Black Panther: The Bride TPB by Reginald Hudlin, Scot Eaton

Image from Amazon
Heroes Reborn: Fantastic Four TPB by Brandon Choi, Jim Lee, Brett Booth, Ron Lim

Image from Amazon
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, Vol. 1 by Kitty Fross, Erica David, Sean McKeever, Patrick Scherberger

Image from Amazon
Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Tales to Astonish Volume 1 by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Don Heck, Joe Sinnott

Image from Amazon
Young Avengers Vol. 2: Family Matters by Allan Heinberg, Andrea Divito, Jim Cheung

ComicList: New Releases List for Wednesday, October 25, 2006, © 2006 by Charles LePage with information from Sun Coast Comics.

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