Dynamic Forces Offers Exclusive Signature to Begin Wildstorm Mini-Series

January 23, 2007, Runnemede, NJ – Dynamic Forces today released images and information announcing that Grifter/Midnighter #1, signed for DF exclusively by writer Chuck Dixon, will be available for March shipping and that pre-orders are being taken now!

Df Grifter Midnighter Sgn #1

Chuck Dixon is a storytelling master responsible for some of DC’s most hard-hitting, action-packed comics including Batman, Birds of Prey and Nightwing, as well as unfolding Wildstorm’s history with gripping military and black ops themed titles like Team Zero and Team 7. Grifter and Midnighter are two of the roughest, toughest characters Wildstorm has to offer; they’ve fought off alien invasions, overthrown governments and saved the world more times than anyone will ever know. Now Chuck Dixon is directing the next all-out brawling challenge for these bad boys as they team up in Grifter/Midnighter #1. And here at Dynamic Forces, we can’t think of a better way for fans to start their collection of this explosive new mini-series than with Grifter/Midnighter #1 signed by exclusively for DF by Chuck Dixon!

Pre-orders are being taken now for Grifter/Midnighter #1 signed by writer Chick Dixon. The book is scheduled for a March release.

All signed editions are available exclusively from Dynamic Forces and are available for PRE-ORDER now.


Grifter Midnighter #1


Grifter and Midnighter - two of the WildStorm universe's titans - come together for a wild ride of a miniseries by Chuck Dixon (Detective Comics) and Ryan Benjamin (Grifter)! These burned out, hair-trigger bad boys who are down on their luck - and now they're set on a collision course that will either save the planet or destroy it!

Each issue is hand numbered, features a DF Certificate of Authenticity and is sealed with a DF Holo-Foil Sticker!


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