The kind folks at Digital Webbing have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics and other products shipping in August of 2007.

Written by Troy Wall
Art by Mario Guevara, Juan Vlasco
32 pages, full color, $3.99
Offered with 2 covers (separate item codes)

Bloodrayne Red Blood Run Cover A #2

Bloodrayne Red Blood Run Cover B #2

What does Valerio know about the Red Blood Run that he's not telling Rayne? Enough to turn her world upside down, that's for sure! It's a rooftop battle to the death, betrayal of the highest order and a revelation so shocking you'll wonder how Rayne will manage to return for issue three!

Written by Steven O'Connell, Christina Z
Art by Romano Molenaar, Kody Chamberlain
128 pages, full color, $15.99
ISBN: 0-9728567-3-0

Bloodrayne Genesis TPB

Collects the sold-out first year of BloodRayne, along with behind-the- scenes material and the hard-to-find preview from the video game launch. First, BloodRayne must stop a Nazi plot to smuggle a vampire king into the United States. Then she comes face to face with the prince of a decadent and powerful clan of Greek vampires. Later, while investigating the disappearance of two members of the Brimstone Society, she unleashes her Dark Rayne persona. Plus, a tale from BloodRayne's early years as we learn the origin of her spectacular blades. Based on the popular video game character.

Written by Jason Pell
Art by Juan Romera
40 pages, black & white, $3.99

Zombie Highway Directionless

A lovesick man sets upon the road to find his ex-girlfriend in the middle of the Zombie Highway universe. Does he make it to his true love? Or does he meet a most gruesome end? With five completely different endings, it's entirely up to you!