So the word is out. And so is Terrence Howard.

According to The Hollywood Reporter "financial differences" between Oscar-nominated Howard and Marvel were at the root of the split. It seems like the fan-favorite scene where Terrence Howard (as Jim Rhodes) looks at the Mark II and says "Next time baby." just wasn't meant to be.

Reportedly, Don Cheadle will be replacing Howard and stepping into the role of Rhodes, and his armored persona, War Machine. While I'm sad to see Howard gone (I thought he did a fantastic job) I'm also fairly confident that Don Cheadle will do a great job since he's basically - awesome. I mean, just look at that piercing gaze, he's ready to tear it up.

Sadly, I guess this means no Terrence Howard if they ever make a Black Panther adaptation - which is unfortunate as I think he'd be fantastic in the role of T'challa. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed anyways though, and have no doubt we'll see him delivering another memorable performance in the near future. Sadly, it just won't be one where he's decked out in some villain smashing armored suit.

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