BERKELEY, CA (September 27th, 2007) - Due to a printing error Jamie McKelvie's SUBURBAN GLAMOUR, his solo follow up to PHONOGRAM, will now be in-stores October 10th.

"Sadly there are some aspects of producing a comic no one can control," series creator Jamie McKelvie said. "Image has put the book back to press immediately to ensure release as soon as humanly possible. While I'm highly disappointed by the delay I would rather the issue come out the way it was intended to."

Jamie McKelvie is both writing and drawing SURBURBAN GLAMOUR, with colors by Guy Major. Their work has already garnered advance praise from many sources including FELL writer Warren Ellis, who claims Jamie to be one of the "major new talents of the decade."

McKelvie said, "I can't stress enough how much I appreciate the immense amount of support the series has already received and hope fans really enjoy the first issue once it hits stands."

SUBURBAN GLAMOUR #1, the first of a four issue full-color mini-series with a cover price of $2.99, will arrive in stores October 10th.