Haven Distribution, formerly Cold Cut Distributors, has elected to carry the full line of Alterna Comics titles. Titles that are also not available through Diamond Comics Distributors, will be available through Haven. Retailers can place orders with Haven by using the following order codes:

American Terror Vol.1 - AMETT01
Birth - BIRTT01
The Chair - CHARALTT01
Confessions of a Peculiar Boy - CONFT01
Diary of the Black Widow - DIBLT01
Formera Vol. 1 - FORMT01
Jesus Hates Zombies: Those Slack Jaw Blues (First Edition) - JESHT01
Jesus Hates Zombies featuring Lincoln Hates Werewovles Vol.1 - JHZYALTT01
Morbid Myths - MOMYT01
Mr. Scootles - MRSCALTT01
Novo Vol.1 - NOVOT01
Novo Vol.2 - NOVOALTT02
Risers - RISEALTT01
The Unlikely Trio - UNLTALTB01

These books are all guaranteed in stock, meaning that when retailers place their orders they should receive them in a timely manner. This should help alleviate some of the strain caused by other distributors having items on backorder.

Retailers can visit the Haven Distribution website at www.havendistro.com for more information.
For more information on Alterna Comics titles, please visit here.