San Diego - Visionary Comics Studio and AAM/Markosia are proud to announce that the premiere issue of Headlocked: The Tryout has been in such demand, that confirmed re-orders on the book have already surpassed the initial print run intended, which included a healthy margin over the pre-orders. "We were lucky. Because of the Money-Back Guarantee we've been in direct contact with a lot of retailers," C. Edward Sellner, VCS' Creative Director explained. "That is the only reason we caught this before we actually went to print."

Normally in the comics direct market, a publisher receives pre-orders from Diamond with enough time to set their print run accordingly. Most publishers print a certain number over the initial orders, ranging from 10-25% in order to fill re-orders, have convention stock etc.

"We nearly doubled our orders from Headlocked: Work of Art, then immediately had requests coming to us from retailers wanting to place re-orders on the book. With the first emails from Retailers coming to us, we already knew we had to dramatically increase our print run so that the re-orders could be filled." Sellner smiled, "that's a nice challenge to face."

So, with this, VCS has dramatically increased its initial print run to ensure a percentage above the confirmed re-orders. In addition, VCS is extending its history making Money-Back Guarantee. The initial offer covered pre-orders. VCS will now extend this offer to any re-orders placed up to two weeks after the book ships. Retailers who stock up to five copies on their shelves can return any unsold copies up to 60 days after receipt, along with a copy of their Diamond order, and VCS will re-imburse their costs 100%.

"This is a book to believe in! We know it will sell! We know there are fans out there!" Series creator Mike Kingston commented, "we also know that Jerry Lawler will be hyping the book on his TV show, and it will be announced on WWE's official website ( Things will go wild after that."

Re-orders will be filled immediately as we already know first numbers coming in are incredibly high. It's also not too late to get in on the rest of the series! Issue #2 is in the September Previews Diamond Order:SEP083671 and issue #3 is in October's Previews, Diamond Order: OCT083770! So get those orders in!

Return information will be emailed to all retailers who contact us letting us know they are participating, and will be posted on our site closer to the deadline for returns. Also, retailers stocking VCS titles are invited to send their web site, street address and phone to VCS to be listed on our links page.

Send all email queries and listing information to: