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Midnight Mutants CGC 9.0

Al Lewis' Grandpa from The Munsters was just a part of an overall endearing cast of characters. The show, which featured classic Universal Monsters reimagined for a modern era, was fun and lighthearted and shows that it truly is what's on the inside that counts. The Munsters might have lasted only two seasons, but the characters have become pop culture icons. While there have been many Munster spinoffs, this one may be the most unique.

While this isn't a Munsters-themed Atari 7800 game, this does feature Al Lewis as Grandpa on the cover and in the game. This game is one of the last games released for the defunct console and was generally well-received.

This sealed CGC 9.0 A+ blue label example is seriously cool. This is my first time ever seeing one, and there are very few on any third-party grading census. On eBay, examples of this game with a black border around the box appear to go for more than the silver box, as shown here. Currently, the only sale for a graded copy is a sealed WATA-graded 4.5, which sold for $480 in January 2021. This is the game to keep an eye on in this week's auction!

Assassin's Creed CGC 9.6

Assassin's Creed, the multi-platform single-player action-adventure game is one of the more celebrated modern games to date. Released in November 2007, the game would go on to sell over 8 million copies a mere two years after its initial release, and won many awards. The game received generally favorable reviews from players and critics alike and would go on to spawn one of the most recognizable game franchises. The latest installment, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, was released in November 2020 for multiple consoles.

This sealed CGC blue label 9.6 A+ example is for the PlayStation 3. While there is no current sales data for similar 9.6 examples, a CGC 9.2 graded example has a one-year average of 202. By comparison, a WATA-graded 9.6 example has a one-year average of $1,600. This game has a lot of potential and should be on your watch list.

The Long Ranger CGC 9.0

Konami's 1991 single-player action-adventure game, The Lone Ranger, is a game most of us forgot about. Released almost 60 years after The Lone Ranger made his radio drama debut, the character would hit peak popularity in the 1950s thanks to the popular television show and merchandise tie-ins. By 1991 the show was in syndication but wasn't nearly as popular as it was some 40 years prior. Yet in 1981 Universal released The Legend of the Long Ranger to theaters, where it bombed terribly due to controversy surrounding the film.

This game -- released 10 years after that film -- was inspired by that movie. It's puzzling and baffling, but in the early days of video games, almost any IP would be turned into a video game.

This sealed CGC 9.0 example is beautiful. Featuring dynamic western cover art by Tom DuBois, this is exactly what a Long Ranger video game should look like. Currently, there is no sales data for any CGC-graded example, and the closest WATA-graded example is a 9.4. A WATA-graded 9.4 example has a one-year average of $576, so it is possible this copy could go for a few hundred. This is an unusual game and has boundless potential.

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