(December 6, 2006) – Komikwerks.com announced today that Image Comics' and Desperado Publishing's "Black Mist" will join the webcomics site for a preview run leading up to the series' return to comics in February 2007.

"Black Mist" may be familiar to some readers as it appeared as a series from Caliber Comics and drew rave reviews for the dark and moody story by James Pruett and the fantastic art from Mike Perkins. Unfortunately, the series never finished as Perkins went to CrossGen and then of course, Marvel Comics where he worked on 'Spider-Man'. Perkins is the current artist on Ed Brubaker's 'Captain America'.

"Black Mist" will be coming out as a series from Image. It will complete the series with another artist finishing off the last issue or so but fans should be thrilled that not only will all of the Perkins art appear but for the first time, it will be presented in FULL COLOR..

The "Black Mist" preview begins today at http://www.komikwerks.com/comic_title.php?ti=139

An interview with series creator and writer James Pruett also appears on the Komikwerks site at http://www.komikwerks.com/column.php?ar=798&cid=23

The "Black Mist" preview continues the Komikwerks tradition of building awareness for out-of-the-mainstream comics. It joins previews of the indie sensation "Tony Loco" as well as titles like "Sudden Gravity" and "Renfield".

For more information about "Black Mist" visit http://www.desperado.lightcubed.com/index.html