Black Adam and the worst-kept secret in the DCEU is almost here, and there’s a strong chance that it could lead to multiple Man of Steel sequels and a villain’s long-awaited silver screen debut.


Superman fans, your wish is Dwayne Johnson’s command, and there’s some big news that could be coming for the Man of Steel.

During last week’s red carpet premiere of Black Adam, Entertainment Tonight broke the news that Henry Cavill has unofficially (at least until Thursday night’s worldwide theatrical release) returned to the DCEU. This has been a long time coming for Superman fans, who have demanded that Cavill stay in the role. While Johnson didn’t specifically confirm Supe’s cameo, he made it clear that, yes, the Man of Steel shows in Black Adam. Under normal circumstances, this might make fans less interested in seeing the movie, given the surprise being spoiled, but it should bring more DC faithful to theaters if only to witness Cavill’s return. But it doesn’t end there.

The latest news is that not only did Johnson convince Warner Bros. Discovery into giving his superhero debut that Superman cameo he’s wanted, but The Rock may have orchestrated not one but two direct Man of Steel sequels. Of course, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was the spiritual sequel to Zack Snyder’s MOS, but an actual MOS 2 and 3 could be in the works. 

The most interesting part of the story could be how it all came to be.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Johnson led the charge to get Cavill back in the role, which is no surprise considering the public campaign that dates back three years. Initially, DC Films president Walter  Hamada nixed the idea, so Johnson flexed his star power and circumvented the outgoing WB executive. The apparent heirs to the throne gave the idea their approval, and now we are off to the races. 

Until WBD makes an official statement, these are all possibilities. They’re good possibilities—especially since the project reportedly is already searching for screenwriters—but nothing has been announced just yet. Let’s say it all goes to plan, what can we expect from the next Man of Steel films? Better yet, what threats could Superman face? Black Adam is the most obvious choice given Johnson’s promises of a Superman versus Teth-Adam film. Outside of that, there’s one distinct choice that fans have wanted to see on the silver screen for decades: Brainiac, and that has investment speculation written all over it.


Between movies, television, and cartoons, fans have seen Kal-El battle with Lex Luthor more times than they can count. It’s not to say the DCEU doesn’t need some good Lex every now and again, but fans have wanted to see Superman battle Brainiac for a very long time. He would present the unique challenge of being both physically and intellectually superior to the Man of Steel, not to mention he’d look amazing on the big screen.

The first time readers met one of Superman’s most famous foes was in 1952’s Action Comics #242. This has long been a major key, though it has lived in the shadow of those Marvel grails. This could be the game changer that takes its fair market values to the next level. 

The highest grade sold this year has been the 7.0. Last month, it earned $9,900 at Heritage Auctions. If you drop the grade down to a 4.0, you can get your hands on a slab for less than $2,000, which could be a steal if Johnson’s game plan comes together.

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