We’re back with more Namor keys! Sub-Mariner is once again the star of this special edition of Market Reaction as we let you know which of his keys are moving in the market.

First Solo Series in the Marvel Age

Having been part of a one/two combo with the Hulk for nearly three years in the pages of Tales to Astonish, Namor finally earned his own series again for the first time since 1955 with Sub-Mariner #1, cover dated May 1968. No book exploded more with the release of the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer than this one, with 28 graded copies selling.

The high sale was a 9.4 copy in a fixed prices eBay sale for $2,300 on July 31. That’s down substantially from the peak sale in this grade of $3,573 in June 2021, 35.6% to be precise. It’s even down 20% from its peak price from this year - $2,880 in a May 31 Heritage auction.

We see the same thing with the lowest sale since the trailer release. On July 28 a 4.0 graded copy sold for $400 in a fixed price eBay sale, down 37.5% from its $640 peak set in August 2021. One thing to keep in mind with this book is the very large census count: 4,721, with graded 6.5 copies and above making up two-thirds of the count. Until sales volume reaches even higher levels – if that happens – don’t expect prices to rise significantly.

Simply put, this isn’t a difficult book to find.

First Namor vs. Doctor Doom

While Namor and Doctor Doom had been allied quite a few times, it wasn’t until Sub-Mariner #20 that they actually went toe-to-toe. With the combo of Namor in the MCU and rampant Doctor Doom rumors, it’s not surprising that this issue is skyrocketing in value.

Four copies have sold since the trailer premiered. Two of them were 9.0 graded copies selling on July 24 in fixed price eBay sales, the first for $400 and the second for $600, for an average of $500. The high price paid prior was $235 in December 2021. That’s a 112.8% increase.

What helps is the relative scarcity of this book – only 138 copies in the CGC census. Being that any Doctor Doom appearances in the MCU are highly speculative until confirmed, expect this book to have a number of peaks and valleys until he does show up. But know that this book is now on collectors’ radar.

First Namora Appearance since the Golden Age

Namor’s cousin, Namora, first appeared in Marvel Mystery Comics #82, cover dated May 1947. By August 1948 she had received her own solo series beginning with Namora #1. The series would only last three issues and the character would then languish in obscurity before being revived in the pages of Sub-Mariner #33.

While there have only been two sales since the trailer drop, this is an important book to track. Namora’s Golden Age appearances are few and out of the reach of most collectors. Sub-Mariner #33 is a much more accessible Bronze Age comic. There's a scarcity of graded copies; there are only 60 copies in the CGC census. This could very well reach a point where demand far outstrips supply. Being of a much more recent vintage than her Golden Age books, there should be plenty of copies but few have been graded. Thus, we see a 9.4 graded copy selling for $336 in an August 2 Heritage auction, demolishing the previous $115 high by 192%. Your best bet with this book is to hunt down raw copies and send them in for grading. There are just too few graded copies available.

Super-Villains Unite!

Since returning in Fantastic Four #4, Marvel hasn’t let Namor stay out of print too long. Once the Sub-Mariner series had run its course, Namor became one of the stars of a new series beginning with Super-Villain Team-Up #1, where he would be paired with Doctor Doom for most of the series’ run.

There are 436 graded copies of this book in the CGC census, with 70% graded 9.0 or higher. This is a comic that began picking up steam in 2021 and sales have continued climbing in 2022. A 9.2 graded copy sold for $159 in an eBay auction on July 29, setting the record for this grade.

Interestingly, just three days later, an 8.5 sold for more: $169 in a fixed price eBay sale. While not a major key, this is a book that is continuing to increase in value despite some dips along the way. The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever trailer has increased the appeal of this comic.

Now might be the time to dip your toes in the water and pick up a copy. While the curve isn’t steep, there is definitely an upward trajectory for Super-Villain Team-Up #1.

First Namor vs. Black Panther

Collectors have been speculating on Defenders #84, the first battle between the Sub-Mariner and the Black Panther, for a while now, so it’s not surprising that six graded copies have sold since July 23. The high was a 9.6 graded copy selling for $288 in a fixed price eBay sale on July 23. That’s down 47.5% from the peak in this grade of $549 set on January 24.

We’re in a similar valley for 9.8 graded copies of this book. With only 163 copies in the CGC census, prices could rise if demand heats up. 28 copies have already traded hands this year, so it would take a lot more than six copies selling to cause an increase in price.

Namor for the '90s

In terms of volume, only Sub-Mariner #1 has sold better than Namor, the Sub-Mariner #1, the John Byrne-penned and penciled comic from 1990. A modern comic like this offers an easy entry point for those looking to invest in Namor. Sales bore out the increased attention the book has received since the release of the trailer. Volume had been inching upward, starting at the beginning of July. However, it’s really shot up since the 23rd, with 16 copies changing hands.

There are 398 copies in the CGC census, with a little over 47% in the 9.8 grade, so that’s where we’ll be primarily focused. I say, “primarily,” because we have a definite outlier here; a 9.6 graded copy selling for a record high price of $400 in a fixed price eBay sale on January 31. That's more than $100 over the highest 9.8 grade sale. To which I just ask, “why?” Just as this person threw out their money, we’ll throw out this sale for purposes of determining trends.

A 9.8 graded copy sold for a slashed $300 on July 23, the highest price since the trailer dropped. It’s a little lower than the $290 peak price for a 9.8 set on July 16. Prices then dipped as low as $133 by the next day before climbing to $200 by August 1. Expect more micro peaks and valleys for this book as prices will likely remain volatile. The overall trendline, however, looks like it’s continuing upward.


Collectors have waited a long time for Namor to make his appearance in the MCU. Now that he’s almost here, even more of his appearances could begin to sell better. As one of the oldest superheroes, there are many, many key comics featuring the Sub-Mariner. Don’t be surprised to see some previously obscure issues begin to catch the eye of collectors and investors.

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