Paul O'Brien writes:

It’s a quiet October. SECRET INVASION continues into its seventh month. Just think, when the crossover began, Hillary Clinton was still campaigning for President…

The biggest new title of the month was ASTONISHING X-MEN: GHOST BOXES, and there’s also the “Original Sin” crossover between X-MEN: LEGACY and WOLVERINE: ORIGINS. And, er, that’s pretty much it - there are some new miniseries further down the charts, but otherwise, it’s a month of business as usual.

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Unsurprisingly, Marvel’s huge market share in September was a blip. DC shipped their major titles in October, so the market shares are back to more normal levels. Marvel led DC by 45% to 33% in unit share, and 39% to 32% in dollar share.

The bottom end of the chart is unusually strong this month. The number 300 book - UNCLE SCROOGE #380 - has estimated sales of 4,230. That means some of Marvel’s lower-selling titles missed the charts entirely: ODYSSEY #2, THREE MUSKETEERS #5, MARVEL ADVENTURES HULK #16, MARVEL ADVENTURES FANTASTIC FOUR #41 and HULK CHRONICLES #4. Bear in mind, also, that we’ll be missing any re-orders below that point.

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