The VHS collecting bug has hit me big time. From digging through piles at flea markets and thrift stores to spending $100 for a rare Killer Klowns from Outer Space VHS at a comic book store, this is one market I'm excitedly sinking my teeth into. I grew up in the VHS era and loved collecting them. The box art always draws me in, but the chance to rewatch my favorite movies or shows was the real draw.

Batman, IGS 8/7

This movie solidified my love of Batman. Tim Burton's take on the Dark Knight remains a timeless entry in the pantheon of Batman cinema. For me, this movie has it all, including a simple, sharp, and beautiful cover. You don't need anything else -- just the Bat symbol -- to get your point across!

This IGS graded copy has an 8 (Near Mint) box with a 7 (excellent) seal. Originally released on home video cassette in 1989, this video presents beautifully. A VGA 85 (also NM) recently sold at auction for $1125 in June of 2022, so chances are good that this copy may go for around that. This is an ideal piece for both Batman collectors and investors.

Hairspray, IGS 9/9.5

John Waters is a cultural icon, but he's also one of my hometown heroes! His movies and books have been a staple in my life, and I've even run into Mr. Waters around town sometimes. Hairspray is one of his most celebrated works in my fair city, but Hairspray also became a part of the pop culture zeitgeist thanks to the Broadway show, as well as the musical movie with Zac Efron.

This IGS graded copy boasts a 9 for the box, and a 9.5 for the seal, giving this an all-around excellent, high grade. There are not a lot of graded Hairspray VHSs that have come to auction -- in fact, this one may be the first. This could be a sleeper hit, but I'm inclined to say this might not break the $1K mark. If you're a Baltimore fan of any kind, keep your eyes peeled on this. You may just get lucky!

Killer Klowns from Outer Space IGS 7.5

Earlier I mentioned a rare version of the Killer Klowns tape that I had purchased. Well, this is an example of that VHS -- only graded! Killer Klowns from Outer Space is a horror cult classic film from 1988, featuring killer clowns who are indeed from outer space. This wonderfully campy movie is perfect for date nights, light horror evenings, and even dinner parties.

But what makes this the "rare" copy? From what I could gather, this is the screener version of the film, likely sent to movie critics. The cover is visually more appealing than the release most of us are familiar with as well. Ungraded copies of this routinely sell for $100+ on eBay. A higher graded copy -- an IGS 9/8 was for sale on eBay for $8500, but a best offer was accepted. It's fair to say the ending price on this current copy will likely shock new collectors to this hobby.

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