The kind folks at NBM have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics and other products shipping in September of 2007.

Boneyard Month at NBM in September
New issue, new compilation of popular horror-comedy
Plus: new graphic novel from Unholy Kinship creator

Comic book, black-and-white interior art, color cover, $2.95

A favorite since its first issue, Boneyard is about Michael Paris, a nice guy who inherits a graveyard and finds that it’s the home of bizarre creatures such as the cute vampire Abbey, the brainy but inept demon Glump, and the evil Mayor Wormwood.

This month, royal guards take Michael’s friend Lita to the realm of Faerie by force. The Boneyard gang meets them head-on, but muscle won't help when Michael is sucked through the portal after Lita and the guards. He finds himself in a very hostile world . . . with no way back!

BONEYARD, Volume 6
Trade paperback, 7” x 11”, 96 pages, black-and-white interior art,
color cover, $9.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-510-8

In this book, which collects Boneyard #21-24, Abbey attends a posh party where she must make a good impression with the Illuminary, head of all fantastic creatures. But when she heads with Michael into her private meeting with the Illuminary, arch-rival Lilith slips her a mickey that makes her act uncontrollably badly!

Here's what the press has been saying about Boneyard:

“Boneyard has been consistent pure fun. It's got action, miles of comedy, a wonderfully written potential romance between Michael and Abbey, and it's slowly adding weight and consequence. Boneyard is a gem that deserves fame and acclaim. If you like humor, if you like horror, hell, if you like comics, pick up Boneyard.” — Newsarama

“Well rendered, witty tale. Recommended for teens and adults.” — Library Journal

“A series garnering great word of mouth and increasing sales based on pure craftsmanship and enjoyment. The real hooks are Moore's terrific drawing style and spot on comic timing.”— Troy Brownfield,

“It's simply a delight.” — Andrew Smith, Scripps-Howard papers

“Everything a comic about friendly monsters should be. Moore's strength is his ear for dialogue and timing.” — Publishers Weekly

Full-color trade paperback, 5” x 7 1/2”, 144 pages, $12.95, ISBN

A girl who used to be rich gets surprised while working in a sweatshop. She finds herself in a love tangle with no confidantes but a rude old card-reading lady with an eerily similar romantic past and a mute girl. Is there also a little bit of magic in the air?

Raves for Nowak’s first book, Unholy Kinship:

“A beautifully told story that will leave you wanting more from this young artist. A great debut.” — Jazma Online

“She's clearly a gifted artist, a very good debut, literate and thoughtful, and I look forward to more from this talented creator.” — Marc Mason,

“Nowak is clearly a talent who will bear watching. She creates several interesting characters, knows how to establish a strong premise, and she's not afraid to follow a number of interesecting story lines. Most importantly, she is completely fearless about describing her character's difficult emotional states.” — Publishers Weekly


Trade paperback, 8 1/2” x 11”, 48 pages, $10.95, ISBN 978-1-56163-518-4

Tammy is a Big Woman On Campus. And by big, we don’t just mean tits. We mean hung big. She rises to lead a whole new sorority of sex where the hazing tests your capacity for sexual abandon. By the best-selling artist of Banana Games — but this one’s all sex, no violence.



NANCY DREW GRAPHIC NOVEL #11: “Monkey-Wrench Blues”
by writers Stefan Petrucha & Sarah Kinney and artist Sho Murase
Paperback graphic novel, 5”x 7 1/2”, 112 pages, $7.95, ISBN
Also in collector’s hardcover: $12.95, ISBN 978-1-59707-087-4

When Bess and George help Nancy pick out a dress for Deirdre's big party, little do they suspect it's the dress Deirdre will be wearing. After a minor altercation with the perturbed hostess, Nancy leaves the party only to be grabbed by a dark figure, tossed into a van and kidnapped!That leaves Bess and George to solve the mystery of exactly what just happened to Nancy. Things get complicated further when Bess and George's number one suspect, Deirdre, is kidnapped too!