Welcome back to this week’s Oddball Heritage Items! Each week, we look at the unique items in Heritage’s weekly comic event auctions — after all, there is a treasure or two to be found in these auctions! In the past, we’ve looked at a wide range of fun and unique items such as napkins, toy lots, spinner racks, and more. There’s always something new and unusual in these weekly auctions, so let’s see what we can find this week!

The Arkham Sampler 

Starting in the spring of 1948, The Arkham Sampler was a fantasy and horror magazine, which featured noted authors such as H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, Jules Verne, and more. The series only ran until the autumn of 1949 totaling eight books.

By themselves, these books can go for $50 - $70 depending on the condition, but a complete group will obviously go for more. Heritage notes this collection as being in overall Fine condition with off-white pages. Heritage has sold a complete set prior to this -- in November of 2018, a set sold for $600.

1991 Topps "Hook" Trading Cards

In the mid-1980s Steven Spielberg began production on a Peter Pan film that would follow Peter into adulthood. After some back and forth with studios, Spielberg's vision was released in 1991 to largely mixed reviews. The movie has since gained a cult following and is more popular now than it was in 1991. Hook memorabilia is popular with fans of the movie, and this box of unopened Topps cards is pretty spectacular.

Topps -- who is known for releasing top-tier trading cards based on movies, shows, and more -- released their line of Hook cards in 1991. This set of 37 unopened packs comes in an open box. Topps usually sends 36 packs per box, so you get one bonus pack! Heritage notes this as being in Very Good condition -- this would be perfect for any Hook fans. On eBay unopened Hook cards sell for under $5, with complete boxes selling between $10 - $30.

EC Portfolio 

EC Comics produced some of the best horror and crime comics during the Golden and Silver Ages of comics, with many EC-produced books becoming holy grail pieces for collectors. While EC may not exist as it did in 1944, EC gave the world some amazing comics -- including MAD Magazine. In the 1970s EC portfolios were produced for collectors, and since their publication, these portfolios have remained popular with fans of the imprint.

This bound book contains EC Portfolio 1 - 5. It's important to note that these portfolios did not originally come this way, but bound books have a special place in the collector's world. This is an excellent way to display comics and other paper media. Individually these portfolios sell for $100+ on eBay and My Comic Shop, and while they aren't hard to find, conditions will dictate the price. Heritage notes these as being in Excellent to unread condition.

This portfolio also features a sketch by editor Harvey Kurtzman, who would go on to be EIC of Mad Magazine during its first few years. The Harvey Awards were also named after the famous cartoonist.

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