Welcome back to this week’s Oddball Heritage Items! Each week, we look at the unique items in Heritage’s weekly comic event auctions — after all, there is a treasure or two to be found in these auctions! In the past, we’ve looked at a wide range of fun and unique items such as napkins, toy lots, spinner racks, and more. There’s always something new and unusual in these weekly auctions, so let’s see what we can find this week!

Watchmen Unreleased Movie First Draft

Movie props and memorabilia are highly collectible. The most interesting items also happen to be the ones that may have not made it to the final cut. In this case, we have the first draft of a Watchmen script from 1988 for a live-action project. While Watchmen was eventually adapted into a movie and later a television series, this movie was set to be released in 1991.

The project was ultimately left in developmental hell from 1987 through 2005. The project even resulted in a lawsuit between Fox and Warner Brothers. This is a unique piece of comic book history, and while it may not be the most worthwhile investment for some, its value for collectors can not be understated.  Heritage notes this item as being in Excellent condition.

Dick Tracy Top Comics Jigsaw Puzzle

Since roughly 1760 jigsaw puzzles have been a fun way to keep people entertained. The idea is simple enough -- you take the pieces and fit them together. Puzzles have come in a variety of shapes and designs for hundreds of years and people still enjoy them to this day. Puzzles based on comic books and pulp heroes have been popular since merchandising these characters became a thing, and this Dick Tracy puzzle is one example.

Made during the 1950s, this puzzle features a strip published on March 14, 1943. Similar puzzles from that era have sold at auction for under $30, so this could be an inexpensive collector's item for a Dick Tracy fan. Heritage notes this puzzle as being in Very Good condition.

Green Hornet Promotional Display and Oil Painting Lot

In 1966 kids and adults alike would tune in weekly to watch the popular The Green Hornet show that aired on ABC. The draw of the show was Bruce Lee as Hornet's side-kick Kato. Lee used his martial arts skillset on the show, which helped launch his American career. The show was received well and helped keep The Green Hornet in the pop culture zeitgeist -- even more than the radio drama he first appeared in. The Green Hornet has starred in countless comics, and movie serials, and even had a big-budget American movie.

Of course, with any popular show comes merchandise. Offered on Heritage is a promotional display for the Green Hornets bike badge. The bike badge itself usually sells for over $100 at auction, but there isn't a lot of data for this promotional item. As I've noted before in a previous article, promotional items can sometimes fetch hundreds to thousands of dollars. Also included in this lot is a Hasbro The Green Hornet oil painting set. While Heritage does not have a picture up, similar sets have sold from $400 - $1000, so while there is investment potential, it could be a huge gamble. But if you're a Green Hornet fan, it might be worth it!

Are you bidding on anything in this auction? Have some cool memorabilia items you love? Tell us about them in the comments below!

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.