For the past few weeks, Heritage has been giving collectors tons of unique and odd memorabilia ranging from a variety of genres. This week Heritage is giving us a full auction devoted to memorabilia -- both old and new! From pinball machines to Christmas decor, this auction is a collector's dream come true.

Bally Playboy Pinball Machine 

Bally's 1978 Playboy machine speaks to an incredible niche market, but this machine shouldn't be overlooked. This was the first Playboy pinball machine released and features Hugh Hefner with Playmates Patti McGuire and Sondra Theodore. With artwork by Paul Faris, this machine is eye-catching and fun to play. Playboy's in good shape typically sell for over $2000 on eBay and private sales, making this an affordable game for vintage pinball enthusiasts. This was also one of Bally's most popular games, with over 18 thousand units created!

Heritage notes this machine as being sold as is, as they did not test it. There is paint and wood flaking off of the exterior, but the backglass still looks to be in very good condition. This would be a great machine for collectors or anyone who wants to learn how to fix old machines!

Superman Japanese Toy Watch Display

Japanese toys are a personal favorite -- especially when they're based on an American character. The artwork is usually different than what we see over here, which always piques my interest!

This toy watch display from 1979 is a rare find for collectors. Featuring Superman and his trusty dog Krypto, this 12-unit display has all 12 watches in unused condition. With three different images of Superman on the watches, the face also says Superman in Katakana and features a fabric strap.

This is truly a fun collector's piece and should absolutely be on your radar!

Buck Rogers Children's Costume

People of all ages have been dressing up as their favorite heroes for a long, long time. When Buck Rogers made his debut, kids and adults alike had their imaginations soaring into the stars and beyond. In 1935 kids could have their own replica Buck Rogers costume, making playtime way more interesting! This costume is my personal grail -- and this one is nearly complete. Vintage costumes like this go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars in auctions and attract a wide range of collectors, including Halloween fans!

Included in this set are the helmet, pants, vest, holster, and shirt. The box is not included, and there is no ray gun as well. Heritage notes this costume is in Fine condition and should be handled with respect and care. This costume will likely go for over $3000, making it one expensive -- yet unique -- piece!

Flash Gordon Christmas Lights 

There's nothing more holly and jolly than decorating for the holidays with superheroes! This Flash Gordon Christmas Light Decoration will be one of the coolest pieces of holiday decor you could own. Vintage holiday lights and ornaments are big right now with vintage collectors, as they add a certain level of charm to a home. This string light piece features four lights with Flash and his friends and foes and three regular bulb lights. Heritage notes that they have not tested this item and that it shows signs of handling wear. As such it is being sold in as-is condition.

Christmas lights from the same time period typically sell for $30 - $50 on eBay, but because this is a comic character Christmas light set, this will go for more.

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