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Big Announcement from the Oni Web Store front!

From now till the end of the year, we are offering some great bargains for scratched and dented copies of most of our books. All of these copies are completely readable – they just have some minor cosmetic flaws that prevent them from being sold in the book store market. You'd be surprised at how good a condition these books are in. Every book offered through this special is at least 50% off, some even more!

Here is a great opportunity to get a bunch of Oni books you may have been interested in, but didn't have the cash to purchase.

This is a limited–time special that will only last through the next month. Act now… the stock is limited.


by B. Clay Moore & Jeremy Haun
The penultimate issue of this summer's hottest indy miniseries! Secret agent/Hollywood heartthrob Nick Walker has one chance to stop the evil machinations of the terrorist organization Code Black, but will Nick's on-screen co-star be a help or hindrance in this off-screen take down?

by Brian Wood & Ryan Kelly
Nicky McKeenan, age 16, annoyance to his parents and a major blight on the suburban Tempe, AZ neighborhood he reluctantly calls home. At his best, he's a sullen teenager who likes to bully, and at his worst he's a budding sociopath well skilled in the art of property damage. Regular postcards from a half-sister he's never met keep him from going too far over the edge, but will that be enough to save Nicky when it matters the most?

by Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt
Caught in the middle of a web of kidnapping, betrayal, and damnation, Eddie can't escape the city's most ruthless demon gangs. THE DAMNED combines the supernatural sensibilities of Joss Whedon with the stark reality of MILLER'S CROSSING to form a taught thriller that can't be ignored!

***** IN STORES NOW*****

by Antony Johnston & Chris Mitten
cover by Ben Templesmith

by Jamie S. Rich & Joelle Jones

by Jamie S. Rich & Marc Ellerby

by Scott Chantler

by Matthew Loux

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***** ONI IN THE NEWS *****

Matthew Loux is interviewed by Broken Frontier about his book SIDESCROLLERS:

WHITEOUT being made into a movie!

***** COMING SOON! *****

by Antony Johnston & Chris Mitten

by Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt

by Brian Wood & Ryan Kelly

***** RECENT REVIEWS *****

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In addition to the hundreds of comics and graphic novels, we also have WASTELAND and SCOTT PILGRIM – Sex BoB-omb shirts available at the store. Yay!!!

And… as mentioned before… we are having a HUGE sale on all scratched & dented books!

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