December 1st, 2008 - Radical Publishing is proud to announce its most ambitious publishing commitment to date, the 18-issue, three-series epic SHRAPNEL. Radical will promote the first five-issue saga, SHRAPNEL: ARISTEIA RISING, by offering the debut 48-page double issue for only $1.99. Subsequent issues will run 28 pages at $2.99.

SHRAPNEL: ARISTEIA RISING, created by Mark Long (president of Zombie Studios) and Nick Sagan (Everfree), unfolds in a dystopian future in which imperialism has laid siege to the Solar System and Venus stands as the last free colony of humanity. Caught in the middle of this interplanetary war is Samantha “Sam” Vijaya, a soldier in self-imposed exile recovering from her service in the military. When the battle once again crashes into Sam’s life, she must choose to either remain on the sidelines and watch a colony destroyed, or risk her physical and psychological well-being to intervene. The first story arc revolves around Venus, while the second arc rages across Mars and the final climax carries over onto Earth itself.

Shrapnel #1 (of 5) (Cover A - Langley)

Shrapnel #1 (of 5) (Cover B - Werneck)

Shrapnel #1 (of 5) (Cover C - Kai)

Shrapnel #1 (of 5) (Cover D - Moszi)

The trilogy itself draws directly from the sagas of Greek tragedy, with planetary colonies standing in for the ancient city-states and phalanxes of mech-clad soldiers in place of history's legendary warriors. Like the classic Greek tragedies, the story confronts themes of personal hubris, destiny and consequences, all backdropped by the canvas of a vast human struggle.

“It’s a story about choices,” says Radical President and Publisher Barry Levine. “When Mark first brought the project to my attention, of course I marveled at the beautiful artwork and the grandeur of his vision, but what compelled me to publish SHRAPNEL was the journey of Sam through all three stories, and the impact of the choices she must make. Deciding to support a planned trilogy was a large commitment on our part, but Mark and Nick’s powerful imagination and creative dedication far outweighed the risks. I’m happy to be a part of Sam, her world, and this provocative, exciting and challenging narrative.”

SHRAPNEL: ARISTEIA RISING #1 is showcased in the NOVEMBER 2008 Diamond Previews catalogue and will ship in January 2009 with four covers: one by Clint Langley for cover A (NOV084236), one by Bruno Werneck for cover B (NOV084237), one by Kai for cover C (NOV084238) and one by Gerhard Mozsi for cover D (NOV084239).

Fans are encouraged to visit the Radical Publishing website at for more information.

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