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The Dreamland Chronicles: Book One/285 pgs. and $19.95 from Blue Dream/art and story by Scott Christian Sava/available in comics shops and bookstores and at

Alex falls asleep to awaken to adventure in his dreams! This classic theme (possibly the origin of all storytelling) is explored in The Dreamland Chronicles: Book One, a massive volume closer in style to Peter Pan than The Lord of the Rings.

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The Dreamland Chronicles Book One
by Scott Christian Sava, Donna Lynne Sava

In Dreamland, Alex battles a Cyclops, wields a magic sword, and travels through imaginary realms with a rock giant, a fairy, and a Princess. Only Alex’s twin brother believes this Dreamland is real.

The storytelling, both through words and pictures, is entertaining and flawless, but it is Scott Sava’s art that is unique in comics, and stunning. It is computer generated, looks almost three-dimensional, and is guaranteed to glue the attention of readers of all ages to every page.

In fact, the art is so riveting that it initially distracts from the story.

It is a distraction that quickly vanishes into a world of awe and wonder and fun, which, frankly, should be the result of almost every comic book.

The Dreamland Chronicles wins the highest possible recommendation for readers of all ages. MV

Graphic Classics: Jack London/$11.95, 144 pgs., Eureka Productions/various artists and writers/sold in bookstores, at, and comic book shops.

Fifty pages of new material have been added to an earlier published collection of adventure stories by Jack London. In his day, he was the most popular writer in America, and is best remembered for fiction that pits man and beast against nature.

These stories are well adapted, but their impact is sometimes weakened by non-climatic endings (London’s fault) and very cartoonish (i.e. minimalistic) art that dilutes the illusion of reality.

This volume is recommended for Jack London fans. MV

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