Official Press Release

Toronto, Canada, August 14, 2007 – Septagon Studios, Inc., is proud to proclaim the critical acclaim for their debut title, SCORN. Receiving twenty rave reviews from both creators and reviewers is just the beginning of Scorn’s acclaim from the comic’s community.

Written and created by Kevin Moyers, with illustrations provided by Philipp Neundorf, Scorn was originally released in 2004 at Wizard World Chicago as a black and white edition comic book that sold over 500 copies just between Chicago and Wizard World Dallas. Scorn is the story of 19-year-old Michael Riggs, who witnesses the murder of his best friend at the hands of notorious gang leader Robert Torres. Michael becomes obsessed, and nothing can stop him on his vicious and bloody rampage of vigilante justice. The miniseries uses Chicago’s Windy City locations as its backdrop.

Kevin Moyers was born and raised in Chicago. At the age of 26, he realized his love for entertaining. He has already acted in several films such as Machined from Lions Gate Films, and performs stand-up comedy at clubs throughout Arizona..

Philipp S. Neundorf lives and works as an artist in Berlin, Germany. He started focusing on comics about five years ago. Since then he's published several short stories, as well as various cover artwork and pinups, both online and in print. His most recent previously published work can be found in Image’s comic Runes of Ragnan #4.

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Scorn #1 Obsessed
by Kevin Moyers, Preston Park Cooper, Philipp S. Neundorf

“Scorn #1 offers an evocative twist on the traditional revenge tale. While the story appears straight-forward -- young man seeks to avenge the death of a loved one -- in its execution, Scorn is anything but clichéd. The art is wistful and surreal yet, at the same time, primal and urgent. You taste the blood in your mouth as you feel the earth disappear from beneath your feet. It washes over you like a troubled, sepia-colored dream.”

--Brian Holguin (writer, Image Comics’ ARIA and SPAWN: GODSLAYER)

“This is a heartfelt and painful little tale of redemption . . . those like me who like Moody, imaginative, and painterly styles will want to seek this one out.”

"A violent revenge tale illustrated with emotive sepia-toned expressionist art, the likes of which are rarely seen in comics nowadays. Neundorf’s fine art techniques and understanding of dynamic comic book storytelling are employed here with beautiful results as he skillfully extracts the tone, spirit, and intent of the story and burns it straight onto the page. Not content with merely recreating sequential TV-style images on paper, Neundorf combines subtle abstract patterns with noirish angles to heavily coat the script in a gritty, chaotic atmosphere; a territory somewhere between Templesmith, McKean, and J. O’Barr. This is how the comic book format should be utilized more often. This kind of ingenuity is what a cutting-edge medium like comics should be all about."

--Dan Schaffer (creator, Sirius’ DOGWITCH)

“5 out of 5 stars . . . Passionately written . . . Moyers writes what others would like to do[, others such as one of] the victim’s friends or family who are left behind. The artwork by Philipp S. Neundorf is harrowing and [is] displayed eloquently as seen by the characterizations in the panels. Scorn #1 is a quality title by the sensational creative team of Moyers and Neundorf, a book which deserves to be a hit on the indie scene in comic shops . . .”

--John L. Daniels, Jr. for

“We're excited to finally bring Scorn to the domestic market with an immediate impact,” says Nicola Defina, President of Septagon Studios, Inc. “This is a unique project about the power of passion and obsession mixed into a deranged epic tale of revenge and hatred, and how those can combine to overwhelm us.” The comic book trailer has generated nearly 21,000 views worldwide, with music provided by Full White Drag , serving as an eclectic environment to the story of Scorn. The Scorn's trailer, is available here: