The hit indie comic series Something is Killing the Children by writer James Tynion IV and artist Werther Dell'Edera is coming to Netflix! Here's a comprehensive look at every foreign edition you should eye if you're a fan.

In 2020, Something is Killing the Children took the comic world by storm ( Matt Tuck's 2020 article).  With comparisons to The Walking Dead,  Netflix optioning the series for a show adaptation, and multiple Eisner Award wins (2021 Best Writer, 2022 Best Writer, and 2022 Best continuing series), speculators went crazy.

The price for a CGC 9.8 of issue #1, cover A  went way above those in Matt's article, reaching over $1000.  However, with the state of the economy and Netflix's poor performance in 2022 leading to the cancellation of multiple shows, plus news that the show's producers Trevor Macy and Mike Flanagan were no longer a part of the project, prices started to come down to the $500-600 range.  However, count yourself lucky if you were able to snag one at those prices. Just last month, Tynion's Substack newsletter confirmed that Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, the creators of Dark and 1899, have joined the project.

The following image was shared in the newsletter:

Foreign Editions:

There's been a plethora of collecting guides to keep up with the various printings and variant covers, but none have talked about foreign editions.  If you've read my other articles, you know I love foreign editions; they offer a whole new side to comic collecting.

There's definitely a certain charm to foreign collecting and for me, it is seeing Dell'Edera's art and the ominous title "Something is Killing the Children" in another language.  Interestingly, the books' art doesn't always align with the American versions.  Note that most foreign editions come in trade paperbacks or hardcovers, unlike traditional floppy comics.


In honour of the German duo joining the show, let's start off with German editions. The first book was an oversized hardcover published by Splitter in October 2020.

Something is killing the Children. Band 1 : Tynion IV, James, Dell'edera, Werther: Bücher                                             Picture 1 of 1Something is killing the Children 4                            Something is killing the Children 5


There are also foreign editions of the spin-off series House of Slaughter!

Something is killing the Children: House of Slaughter 1


Next is the reason I wrote this piece!  Wish I had pulled the trigger on this one sooner but I'm glad I have one now (sadly, the one pictured is not my copy).  Published by Devir in November 2021 and given away during a Free Comic Book Day event, this is the only floppy comic foreign edition. Sources say that these were limited to only 400 copies!

No photo description available.

Devir also published the following trade paperback.


In June 2020, Non Stop Comics published the first book, Co? zabija dzieciaki Tom #1.

Co? zabija dzieciaki. Tom 1 - Tynion IV JamesCo? zabija dzieciaki. Tom 2 - Tynion IV Jamesok?adkaCo? zabija dzieciaki. Tom 4 - Tynion IV James




In March 2022 Urban comics published the first Something is Killing the Children Tome #1 hardcover.


There is an alternate trade paperback cover for book 1, which is the format the following books come in.

Something is killing the children tome 1: TYNION IV James, DELL'EDERA Werther: 9782381330112: Books - Amazon.caSOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN - THE GAME OF NOTHING(FRENCH V.) 03Something is Killing the Children - Urban Comicssomething-is-killing-the-children-tome-5


There is an alternate version of the second House of Slaughter book which uses the iconic art from cover a.  What makes this version awesome? It glows in the dark!

house-of-slaughter-tome-1house-of-slaughter-tome-2Something is killing the children - par James Tynion IV & Werther Dell'Edera - Urban Comics

No photo description available.


In May 2020, Planeta Cómic published Hay Algo Matando Niños #1.



In May 2020, Edizioni BD publish the first Something is killing the children book.

Something is Killing the Children Vol. 1 - Don't Go to the Woods - EnglishSomething is Killing the Children Vol. 2 - House of Massacre - EnglishSomething is Killing the Children Vol. 3 - The Game of Nothing - English

In November 2020, in a special event run by Lucca Comics & Games and Forbidden Comics, a special copy of book two featuring new art by Dell'Edera was sold (left). This is tied for the lowest print run at 100 copies with the Something is Killing the Children #11 black and white Inhyuk Lee variant (right).

SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN NR 2 VARIANT COVER EXCLUSIVE FORBIDDEN PLANET                                                                                                                           



Prices haven't quite gotten back to their peak and one can wonder if comic fatigue from MCU and DCU speculation and poor adaptations have tempered expectations. Hopefully,  Tynion's Kickstarted short film, Room Service, will give us an indication of how his work will fair when adapted.

Something that does inspire confidence is that co-creators Tynion and Dell’Edera will be co-executive producers on the show. With the exception of some, I think foreign editions for this series are more of a fun variant to have as opposed to an investment.

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I hope you found this article interesting. If there are any foreign editions I missed, please let me know in the comments!

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