If you've been following my work for a while, you no doubt know I've been writing about various Archie titles for a few years now.  Archie Comics have been a staple in teen humor comics, and despite some follies, they have remained an independently owned comic company. With hit shows such as Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, let's see how the more popular key Archie books have been doing.

Pep Comics #22

The comic that birthed the mirth of a nation. This issue introduced Archie, Jughead, Betty, Mr. Weatherbee, and Mr. Andrews. Archie and his contemporaries are introduced as younger teenagers, with Archie even asking he be called Chic!

With 31 total graded copies on CGC Census, this book is a rare Golden Age find. The last sale for a complete, CGC Universal blue label 5.0 was in December of 2018, where it sold for $91,000.

One year prior, a CGC Universal blue 8.0 -- the highest on the census, sold for an impressive $252,100.

Since then, individual pages for Pep Comics #22 have sold, but a complete copy -- restored or likewise -- has not hit auction houses for some time.

This is the Archie grail to own and is worth the investment.

Pep Comics #26

If you're wondering why I didn't mention Veronica in Pep Comics #22, it's because she didn't debut until Pep Comics #26! The dashing raven-haired beauty that would truly define the 80-year-long love triangle was an instant hit and has been a staple of the Archie Univers ever since.

Sales for this book have been strong, The last recorded sale for a CGC Universal blue label was in September of 2021, where a 5.0 sold for $19,200. A similarly-graded book sold for $5,150 in 2013. A CGC blue label 1.8 sold for $7,500 in September of 2021 - in 2019 a similarly graded book sold for $3002.

This book will always be one of the more popular Archie keys, but can still be found at a somewhat affordable price.

Archie Comics #1

The gang is officially all here in Archie Comics #1. Featuring the iconic Bob Montana cover of Archie attempting to impress Betty and Veronica, this book has seen its high and low days!

Right now, this book is sitting comfortably with two sales already on record for 2022. In January of 2022, a CGC blue label 1.0 sold for $9,900. Prior to that, a similarly-graded book sold at the end of 2013 for $13,204. In March of 2022, a CGC blue label 3.0 sold for $31,625, a price jump from the $19,200 sale of a similar book in March of 2020.

Other graded Archie Comics #1's have stayed mostly consistent in pricing. This book is still a strong book to own, though you likely won't see an increase in value for some time. If you get this book, be prepared to hold onto it.

Archie's Mad House #22

The first appearance of Sabrina Spellman has been a staple for Archie collectors. Sabrina's popularity in mainstream media has been admirable, but has it helped sales with her first appearance in Archie's Mad House #22?


The book is still an affordable Silver Age key and has seen prices go up over the past 2 years. Mid-grade copies have all seen price increases, while higher and lower-grade books have not yet jumped.

In January of 2022, a CGC blue 3.0 sold for $592, while in 2021 a similar book sold for $472. This is a very steady price increase and one that should excite collectors in the long run.

In March of 2022, a CGC blue 4.5 sold for $1,260. A year prior, a similar book sold for $650. This is a great sign for this book. If you've been holding onto a mid-grade copy, now may be the time to sell, but given the popularity of Sabrina, no one would argue against hanging onto this book. If you're looking to buy, jump on that wagon sooner rather than later.

As for the other big Archie keys, that's a tale for another day!

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*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.