We have a new top comic this week, and it’s not one that you’d expect, but it’s these kinds of surprises that make the Hottest Comics so much fun to track.

It’s time again to take our deeper dive into the eBay sales report. Actually, we don’t have to dig too deep to see some major changes beginning with Spider-Man #7 atop the Hottest Comics mountain. How long this will last is anyone’s guess, but it’s always exciting to see some parity in the rankings.


Out of nowhere, Spider-Man #7 has rocketed through the rankings and overtaken Spawn #1 to land in the top position. What’s so special about this comic that buyers worldwide are racing to get their hands on a pristine near-mint copy? There’s a new member of the Spider-Verse, and his name is Spider-Boy.

Technically, the first character to use the Spider-Boy moniker was part of the DC/Marvel mashup of Superboy and Ben Reilly, but this is the first canonical Spider-Boy exclusively at Marvel. This issue featured his first appearance, and the top secret variant revealed the new look on the cover art. 

15. FANTASTIC FOUR #67 (+25)

Maybe the live-action Adam Warlock came across a bit like another version of Thor, but he seems to have made some new fans along the way. Not that anyone should be surprised, but Warlock survives the events of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and we should see him in the team’s next appearance.

I wouldn’t be terribly shocked for him to get his own solo movie at some point. All that speculation should drive his early appearances, including his first cameo in FF #67.


The Poison Ivy speculation has been hot for the past couple of years. She has gained a larger following between comics and appearing in animated form, and now fans want to see James Gunn incorporate her into his plans for the DCU.

For what it’s worth, Margot Robbie has recently made comments that she would like to see Ivy and Harley’s relationship play out in live action, and that is a likely factor in Batman #181 making this week’s Hottest Comics.


Talk about a surprise appearance. Almost a year after Thor: Love and Thunder hit theaters, it’s still being lambasted across social media. While the film has its fans, most MCU devotees are still embarrassed at Thor’s latest adventure. It took a mighty toll on all those related key issues starting with Thor #1.

Although we didn’t see her in the story, Jane Foster’s Goddess of Thunder appeared on the cover art here, which made this the collecting priority ahead of Love and Thunder’s release. It dropped quickly when fans were underwhelmed by the film, but here it is making a comeback. We’ll see how long it lasts.


With the main plot of GOTG 3 revolving around Rocket, it’s no coincidence that his keys were making noise this week. His first appearance hitting the list is a no-brainer, but this is the first time we’ve seen his first solo comic getting the rub.

It’s an issue that has flown under the radar to this point, but it could get more popular depending on how Rocket is used in the GOTG’s future movies. 

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