I’m happy to be back again bringing you the latest quarterly installment of Undervalued Comics in 2022. Books that, in this volatile and news-sensitive market, actually seem to hold strong future value potential. If you missed any of the previous iterations of Undervalued Comics, you can find them here. With all eyes laser-focused on new announcements surrounding the MCU Phase 5, Phase 6, the Multiverse, DC projects, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever right now, what books are slipping through the cracks to the point of being undervalued as we move into the dog days of Summer 2022? Let’s find out.

Ghost Rider #1

The first solo issue of a stand-alone Ghost Rider series has become a blazing-hot commodity in the past year, but that does not mean values are still tumbling along with most other comics. Ghost Rider #1 CGC 9.0 copies that sold for $1400-$1600 in Spring 2022 now have been selling for less than $1,100 in many places as summer progresses. I personally invested in a CGC 8.5 copy last year after I caught one for a good price, and I don’t have any doubt in its ability to rise, even if it's seeing a momentary small dip.

A 7.0 copy sold for $630 in July after selling between $800-$1200 in June. If you want to look further down the scale, three copies in a 5.0 grade sold for around $500. This book also holds additional value because of the cameo appearance of Son of Satan, an enduring foe for Ghost Rider. His dominance in Ghost Rider stories also has led to rising prices for Ghost Rider #2.

But the best thing about this book is there have been zero confirmed rumors for the MCU and Ghost Rider. Several ideas have been percolating (such as Ryan Gosling and Norman Reedus), but this book is dipping with no confirmed news.

Fantastic Four #164

Frankie Raye, who would later become Nova, Herald of Galactus, was first introduced in Fantastic Four #164. She more recently had a resurgent moment in the sun as Phase 4 of the MCU was getting ready to kick off.  What makes this now one of our undervalued comics? What could potentially cause a buying frenzy and what makes investors curious that the Frankie Raye version of Nova will show up in the MCU? A couple things, actually.

First, we have seen the NOVA corps appear in a Guardians of the Galaxy (GOTG) movie already. Their existence has been proven. We just have not, as of yet, been introduced to a Richard Rider, Frankie Raye, or a Sam Alexander character. When there was no prior confirmation of Fantastic Four in the MCU, assumptions were the Nova we finally see would be themed around a GOTG storyline. This makes Rider or Alexander more reasonable assumptions.

But with the First Family confirmed to be coming in 2024, there could easily be a spot for Johnny Storm’s comic girlfriend, Frankie Raye. She would eventually take up the mantle of Nova, Herald of Galactus in one of the more iconic FF4 covers to date (FF #244). GOTG will pivot towards Adam Warlock and some character origins with their third installment, leaving Nova free for the First Family of Marvel to explore if they choose to do so.

We now know that FF4 won't be an origin story in the MCU timeline, so it makes it that much easier to accommodate ancillary storylines in the new film.

Detective Comics #411

Let’s go back to 1971 to look at a major DC key that could potentially have some modern tie-in potential. Detective Comics #411 introduces us to Talia al Ghul, daughter of the notorious Ra’s al Ghul.

DC comic fans are aware that Talia and Batman’s Bruce Wayne had a child named Damian Wayne who eventually took up the mantle of Robin, but left it behind in Detective Comics #1033 after the death of Alfred Pennyworth. He decided Batman’s form of superhero justice was not for him. After suffering from so much personal loss, Damian moves on, leaving Batman to serve as a solo act again.

However, DC has recently published an ongoing Robin series that premiered in April 2021 and features young Damian Wayne forging his own path to fighting crime and coming out from under Batman’s shadow. DC also launched two backup stories as well. Batman #106 and Detective Comics #1034 introduced the Robin story and there have been multiple rumors that Damian will encounter or face off against his mother in some capacity.

That rumor has sent Talia al Ghul back to the forefront of Batman stories and when those books hit shelves, her first appearance might start seeing a steady climb. Presently both CGC 8.5 and 9.0 copies are selling for under $1,000. The last CGC 7.5 copy sold in our database was under $600 with many others under $400! Simply too cheap for a character who has been an integral part of Batman’s story for 50 years.

Grab one before the al Ghul family tree starts heating up again.

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