Could we finally see Vision return to the MCU? We haven’t seen him since he left Westview, and the word is he’s getting a Disney Plus series. That should give you a few keys to put in your collective crosshairs.

There’s been plenty of complaints about Marvel’s Phase Four, and one of the primary grievances has been the number of dangling plot threads and inconsistencies. Whether it’s the Eternals’ stone Celestial sticking out of the ocean that’s gone completely unnoticed or Vision’s absence from Scarlet Witch’s villainous turn in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, sometimes it seems Marvel Studios’ right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. 

At least in the case of Vision, we should be getting some answers. Although nothing is official, there are reports that Marvel is developing Vision Quest, which would focus on Wanda Maximoff’s resurrected AI husband. (Now there’s a sentence that can only make sense in the context of a comic book show.)

What exactly the series’ premise will be is anyone’s guess, but it should have repercussions for these issues.


With White Vision getting the lead role in his own series, that should make WCA #45 the item of choice for collectors without the budget for his Silver Age debut in Avengers #57. No doubt, this will be one of the first key issues to get a bump from the recent news. I can’t imagine it catching fire like it did a year ago, but it will see some action in short order. 

While the sales figures will jump, at least we shouldn’t see the ridiculous prices after his live-action debut in WandaVision. Thanks to those inflated values, the 12-month average for the graded 9.8 is nearly $500, though it’s come back to reality in 2022. At the moment, the 30-day fair market value sits at just $79.


There’s nothing especially significant happening in this issue, but it could get attention just for kicking off the “Vision Quest” story arc. Mockingbird made her return to the West Coast Avengers here, but the main story revolved around Vision’s whereabouts. That will surely factor into the plot for the new show, and that could draw some interest as well. 

Need a copy? Likely due to MCU speculation, the last sale was for $175 at the end of June. Before that, it had been selling for less than $100.


Vision will need a villain, and this could be the direction things are heading. In Avengers #360, the world was introduced to Anti-Vision. What makes him such a possibility for the Disney Plus show is that he is a Multiversal variant. With Vision Quest taking place during The Multiverse Saga, this would be the perfect time for Anti-Vision to make his debut. Since his comic book motivation is that he’s looking for the original Vision’s body, that coincides with WandaVision’s finale, thus making him a prime candidate for the upcoming show. 

After selling for more than $100 last year, the graded 9.8 has been a more affordable $70 for the past 90 days.


Depending on what angle Marvel Studios takes with Vision, there’s ample potential with his solo adventures. He’s a complex character who has evolved over the decades, and that should bleed into the Disney Plus series. I’m wondering if we’ll see his AI family with appearances from the Visions as well, but that’s a blog for another day. 

Now if only someone would address that stone Celestial protruding from the Earth, that would be nice.

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