Could Emma Frost be a power player in the MCU when the X-Men finally arrive? Time to revisit her key issues.


There's nothing like X-Men speculation. The longer Marvel Studios waits to unveil the official plan, the more the excitement builds. It also leave plenty of room for fan theories.

As I have written before, my inclination is that Marvel will make radical changes to its X-Men roster when the time comes. Based on what we've seen with the Spider-Man films, Kevin Feige and company have no intention to rehash old ideas, which makes sense. That's why we haven't seen the likes of Doctor Octopus or the Green Goblin in the MCU since Sony already forged that territory. Even when we do see recurring characters, like Aunt May and even Peter Parker, it's a new take on them.

When it comes to the X-Men, it is unlikely we will see many of the core players from the Fox franchise. I don't expect we'll see Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, or Mystique. As hard as it is to imagine, I predict Wolverine will be a New Avenger rather than an X-Man. That leaves big shoes to fill, but it is an opportunity to showcase the rich world of the X-Men, namely Emma Frost.

The White Queen is the perfect fit for a revamped X-Men lineup. She can fill the void left by Jean Grey and Mystique, serving as both a powerful telepath and anti-hero for the new franchise. True, she was featured in X-Men: First Class, but Emma Frost was only served a minor supporting role. As we have seen in the comics, she is a complex character with questionable morals who teeters between good and evil. Her journey from villain to hero would make for great drama in the MCU.

White Frost Key Issues

X-MEN #129

This has always been an important key for X-Men collectors. Not only is it the first appearance of Emma Frost, but you also get the debuts of Shadowcat, Sebastian Shaw, and the Hellfire Club.

With so many firsts, it is no wonder this is a sought out key for X-fans. In recent months, it has been gaining traction with the fair market values to prove it. Out of the 12 different grades that have sold in the past 90 days, nine have shown an increase in FMV.

The 9.6 has been the most popular grade by far with 24 copies sold since March. Over that span, it has amassed an FMV of $401, and one recently sold for $495 on July 4.

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, aim for the mid-grades. Keep in mind that they are on the rise, but for now, you can get between a 5.5 and a 7.0 for about $100-$115. The upside is that if my prediction is correct, this comic will get a huge bump from Emma Frost getting a lead role in the MCU.

X-MEN #131

Another Emma Frost key worth your time is her first cover appearance in X-Men #131. It's a much cheaper alternative to X-Men #129, and it does have the distinction of being an Emma Frost first. For the same price of those previously mentioned X-Men #129 5.5-7.0s, you can get a 9.4 X-Men #131, which currently has an FMV of $104.


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