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June 24, 2020

Sacred Six #2 (Cover E Chew)


Derrick Chew

Jae Lee


Christopher Priest

Dynamite Entertainment
Publication Date
Jun 24, 2020
Cover Price
'Numerology' Two: The enigmatic dark council known as The Six seeks to radicalize the peaceful vampires of Ashthorne while adversaries become unlikely allies as the crisis of missing human children threatens both human and supernatural residents alike. Lilith of Drakulon presses forward with her own mysterious agenda, recruiting the half-vampire Chastity and the all-new Draculina to help her achieve it. Meanwhile, Nyx, daughter of the mad god Chaos, huntsLilith for revenge while Pantha forges an uneasy truce with the City of Sacred's guardian as time runs out to find the missing boys.

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