Meet the Pros

Err... um, the nerds behind the scenes bringing it all together. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we approach each hobby with the utmost of dedication to delivering the best information possible to our passionate collecting community.

  • Jeff Meyer

    Jeff Meyer


  • Jessica Meyer

    Jessica Meyer

    VP of Operations

  • Eilert Hjelmeseth

    Eilert Hjelmeseth


  • Ersan Sano

    Ersan Sano


  • Kent Boggs

    Kent Boggs

    Graphic Designer

  • Tim Ludwikowski

    Tim Ludwikowski

    Support & Content Manager

  • Wymon Stanlick

    Wymon Stanlick

    Content Specialist: Comics, Video Games

  • Tim Cheatwood

    Tim Cheatwood

    Content Specialist: Comics

  • Joe Parziale

    Joe Parziale

    Content Specialist: Video Games