DF Invaders #2 Excl CoverMedia Release -- In September and October, Dynamic Forces has eight exciting new exclusive and signed covers, limited edition variants, and starter sets!

KEVIN SMITH'S GREEN HORNET #3 ULTRA LIMITED DEATH COVER! Three will LIVE! One will DIE! But who!?!? The answer to the question that has pestered Green Hornet fans for months is answered at last… and it's right on the cover of this special "actual death" edition of Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #3! Featuring cover art by Michael Netzer and Josef Rubinstein, this limited edition comic book is the key collectible of any crime fighting collection of comics and is available at the MSRP of only $10!

INVADERS #1 DF EXCLUSIVE COVER! The greatest super heroes of World War II blaze into action, but this time in the modern world! For the first time in decades, the original Invaders are alive and active at the same time! But what mysterious force has drawn them all together...and how does it relate to the darkest moment in Invaders history, an event so horrifying it threatens all life on Earth today? Featuring: Captain America! The Sub-Mariner! The original Human Torch and Toro! The Golden Age Vision! Spitfire! Union Jack! And Steve Rogers! We are offering this for the low price of $10. Also available is Invaders #1 DF Cover Signed By Alex Ross for the introductory price of $29.99!

THOR #615 - SIGNED BY SUPER STAR MATT FRACTION! Fraction! Ferry! Heroic Age! The perfect jumping-on point as THOR's all-new creative team and all-new era kick off HERE! In the wake of SIEGE, Asgard must take its proper place as the Golden Realm, most glorious of the nine worlds of myth. But that means Thor's home isn't just a beacon...it's a target! And what happens to the Asgardians and the denizens of all nine worlds -- including Earth! -- when a dark, destructive force from another reality comes on the warpath? Get this signed comic for only #29.99!

THOR: FOR ASGARD #1 (of 7) - SIGNED BY CO-CREATOR STAN "THE MAN" LEE! Beginning an epic adventure showcasing the God of Thunder as you've never seen him before! The vassals of Asgard are in armed revolt...Odin is missing...Balder is dead...and the entire continent is battered by a years-long winter. How can Thor put the empire back together - especially with his mighty hammer Mjolnir mysteriously denied him? Find out for $299.99!

WOLVERINE #1 - SIGNED BY JAE LEE! Acclaimed author JASON AARON (ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN AND WOLVERINE, WEAPON X) and superstar artist RENATO GUEDES (Action Comics, Adventures of Superman) launch an all-new ongoing Wolverine series as Wolverine goes to hell…literally! Someone's out to destroy Wolverine-permanently-and they may have succeeded. But if Wolverine's soul is in hell, how is his body terrorizing those closest to him? This signed issue is being offered for only $29.99!

DAKEN: DARK WOLVERINE #1 - SIGNED BY WOLVERINE DESIGNER AND CO-CREATOR JOHN ROMITA SR.! For decades, Daken, the son of Wolverine, remained hidden in the shadows of the Marvel Universe, methodically plotting how he would one day dominate the world around him. And now, with his father's soul hanging in the balance, that day has come. Witness a new beginning for $69.99!

DEADPOOL: PULP #1 - SIGNED BY JAE LEE! It's the Merc with a Mouth in a pulp caper filled with lies, spies and shapely thighs, courtesy of Mike Benson & Adam Glass (Deadpool: Suicide Kings, Luke Cage Noir) and Laurence Campbell (Punisher)! Wade Wilson. Codename: Deadpool. He's the CIA's deadliest agent. He's also certifiably insane, suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder and haunted by the ghosts of his past. In other words, he's the perfect soldier in a Cold War where it's impossible to tell friend from foe and reality from a lie. Wilson is also the only one capable of hunting down a rogue CIA agent and recovering the stolen nuclear suitcase she's carrying before she hands it over to America's enemies. But who is this femme fatale and why has she turned traitor? And is Deadpool crazy enough to survive or will he become trapped in a web of international intrigue? Find out for $29.99!

GRIMM FAIRY TALES #50 DF EXCLUSIVE COVER! Grimm Fairy Tales turns 50! The smash hit independent comic reaches the incredible milestone this month. In this special double sized issue Sela and the forces of good prepare for battle with the Darkhorde while Belinda and Baba Yaga carry out their own sinister plans. The outcome of both events spins the Grimm Fairy Tales universe in a new and unexpected direction that will leave you on the edge of your seat. You can't afford to miss this exclusive cover for a landmark issue in one of the most popular independent comics to ever hit stands for only $14.99!

THE INVADERS #2 DF EXCLUSIVE COVER BY ALEX ROSS! Another amazing Alex Ross cover receives the DF Exclusive treatment. No collection is complete without this rare and spectacular collector's item! Featuring: Captain America! The Sub-Mariner! The original Human Torch and Toro! The Golden Age Vision! Spitfire! Union Jack! And Steve Rogers! Get The Invaders #2 DF Exclusive Cover By Alex Ross for only $14.99! Also, you can get The Invaders #2 DF Exclusive Cover Signed By Alex Ross for only $29.99! Each signed comic will have a numbered certificate of authenticity and arrive sealed with a DF Holo-Foil Sticker!

TRUE BLOOD #2 DF EXCLUSIVE J. SCOTT CAMPBELL LIMITED EDITION COVER! True Blood fan's everywhere are dying to sink their fangs into this DF Exclusive Edition! The untold tale from the world of HBO's hit vampire series True Blood continues. From a story by series creator Alan Ball and show writers Elizabeth Finch & Kate Barnow, get this rare comic for only $10.00!

NEMESIS #1 DF EXCLUSIVE COLLECTOR'S PACK FEATURING MILLAR AND MORE! Get the first printing of Nemesis #1 DF Exclusive with bonus books galore! From the acclaimed team of Millar and McNiven, it's Nemesis: the fight between America's smartest cop and the world's greatest super-villain. DF is bringing you 15 bonus books at no extra cost for only $19.99!

GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES #50 "THE WINTER DEMON" DF EXCLUSIVE COVER! Celebrate 50 issues if Grimm's Fairy Tales with this DF Exclusive Edition of one of the most popular independent comics to ever hit stands for the super-low price of $6.99!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: REBORN #1 PLUS BONUS BOOKS! The Heroic Age begins here, with the return of Captain America and an amazing DF Exclusive Edition Cover by Alex Ross. Also included are 4 bonus comics, all for $14.99!

HULK "HULKS OUT" #600 PLUS BONUS ALEX ROSS VARIANT BOOKS! Incredible Hulk reaches its anniversary issue with issue #600 with a smashing cover by Alex Ross! Guest-starring Spider-Man and arriving with 2 bonus Alex Ross variant edition comics, this collection is being offered for $14.99!

OCTOBER DF STARTER SET! This deal is no trick, but all treat! Add two DF signed and certified comics to your collection today, one DF exclusive variant edition comic, and 25 randomly selected comic books for just $19.93!

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