Once again, the X-Men ruled eBay, but an unexpected appearance from Shang-Chi arrived just in time to stir things up.

Welcome to the Hottest Comics where we analyze the 100 best-selling, single issues on the most popular auction site in the world, eBay.

For decades, comic book collectors and investors have turned to eBay for key issues, making it the premiere buying and selling tool on the secondary market. GoCollect then ranks the top sellers not by fair market value, but by sales volume. Here at the Hottest Comics, we spotlight those issues that have gained the most positions compared to 10, 30, 60, 90, and 180 days ago.

What we have for you today is a snapshot of eBay's best sellers. The data changes by the day, so what you see below may not reflect the updated sales rankings. Even so, it's a great tool that lets you see how much interest buyers have in your favorite key issues.


22. X-MEN #94 (+66)

The first appearance of Chris Claremont got a huge boost in the sales rankings this week. As X-Men '97 fans look to the future and the MCU faithful prepare for Deadpool & Wolverine (complete with Ryan Reynolds posting a hilarious preview of the Wolverine-themed popcorn buckets), it's had collectors and investors keeping their eyes firmly on those classic X-Men key issues.

Although it doesn't have the holy grail status of X-Men #1 or Giant-Size X-Men #1, there's no denying X-Men #94's impact on comic book history. Throughout the Silver Age, the title struggled in the sales department. By the mid-1970s, the series was completely floundering. Since the series' debut, fans looked at the X-Men as a cheap copy of the Fantastic Four. Things were so grim that Marvel began reprinting old stories under new issue numbers while the editorial team debated on canceling the series altogether. Then came GSX #1, and the team was completely rebranded. The next issue, X-Men #94, saw Claremont takeover writing duties, and the X-Men soon became the most popular team in Marvel.

The X-Men's mainstream surge has put eyes on the brand's numerous key issues, especially those connected to X-Men '97. Considering Claremont's monumental influence on all things X-Men, it's no wonder buyers were targeting the first issue in his legendary X-run.



It's been several months since Special Marvel Edition #15 was among the biggest movers and shakers on eBay. In fact, the last time we saw it with this much momentum was around the time Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was in theaters.

Like all movie keys, SME #15 peaked with the film's opening weekend. Although the movie was a hit with critics and fans alike, Shang-Chi's first appearance inevitably took a backseat to the more trendy key issues. Such is the way of the market, particularly anything tied to the MCU. However, it did spike again when the first talk of a Shang-Chi sequel began to circulate...not that anyone didn't see that coming. Very few Marvel movies don't get sequels, but it never fails to ignite the market.

There hasn't been much talk about the Shang-Chi sequel in quite some time, but we can be sure it's on the way. One way or another, that is tied to SME #15's rise on eBay over the past 30 days. Let's see how long it can keep up this momentum.


25. X-MEN ANNUAL #14 (+59)

Gambit's first appearance has been one of the hottest comics on the market. An argument can be made that it has been the single hottest comic on the market in 2024. After all, it's consistently among the biggest movers and shakers so often that it could be considered a Usual Suspect.

Not familiar with that designation? That's the name for the repeat offenders that always find themselves moving up or down the sales charts with significant figures. The difference between those titles and X-Men Annual #14 is that this comic rarely manages to fall onto the Cold Coldest Comics. Sure, it has to take a dip in order to regain those eye-catching numbers, but it's almost always on the way up. Here it is with 59 spots to the positive, making it the top performer for the last 60 days.

A huge factor, like all the X-Men keys, is X-Men '97. In one of the most shocking moments we've seen on Disney Plus, Gambit died when the Wild Sentinel attacked Genosha. But what a death scene it was. In classic Gambit fashion, he went out with a cocky smirk and a one-liner. It's been enough to endear him to X-Men '97 audiences, and that has translated into an uptick in sales for his first appearance.


28 X-MEN ANNUAL #14 (+66)

That uptick has left such an impact that X-Men Annual #14 has once again made today's blog in two different categories. Not only was it the biggest mover for 60 days, but it also gained the most positions over 90 days. That is not a feat that we see often in the Hottest Comics, yet Gambit's debut has done it once again. It truly makes the case for this being the hottest comic of 2024.

True, the more popular Gambit key remains Uncanny X-Men #266. CGC still designates it as his first full appearance, which is the primary reason UXM #266 is the bigger key. However, there's an increasing number of collectors who want that changed. Gambit appears in full for multiple panels in X-Men Annual #14, and that should be enough for CGC to label this Remy's one and only first appearance.

180 DAYS

34 TMNT: THE LAST RONIN #1 (+59)

The past six months have been good for TMNT collectors. Last week, TMNT #3 and the first appearance of the Krang made waves in the Hottest Comics. While fans are excited for what the Mutant Mayhem sequel means for the classic Ninja Turtles villain (or villains, depending on the project), the more intriguing news revolved around The Last Ronin.

Weeks after the major announcement that Mikey's revenge tale would get an R-rated, live-action movie, collectors have yet to lose their interest in that all-important key issue. The Last Ronin #1 has been ranking high week after week, and that is evident with the 59 spots its gained in six months' time. Once we get actual details and behind-the-scenes pictures from the set, imagine how high it will soar.