The best way to get your adrenaline rushing during the COVID pandemic is to play online games. We know you are bored and that you are not allowed to take a stroll in the park, interact with friends, go for long drives, and have fun on the beach.

So, staying active has become a bit of a challenge these days. However, the best way to get thrilled in your home is through games.

Online Action Games for Thrill and Fun

Let’s discuss some of the best games that we think can offer you thrill and adventure.


PUBG – the talk of the town. No one can deny PUBG is a perfect game for all age segments.  Whether you are a school or college-going guy, or a working adult, PUBG is one game that you can always play with your friends and even with strangers.

Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) is a complete pack of action and excitement. A single round of the game is usually 10-minutes long. You have to find and kill all the enemies in your area. The enemies can be either 10 or 100. It depends on the number of players in the area.


Just like PUBG, Fortnite is another game that you can play with your friends. The only difference between the two games is that Fortnite is not as popular as PUBG. So, you will find a few players in Fortnite as compared to PUBG.

On the bright side, Fortnite is a perfect game for anyone looking to get out of the routine activities and have some fun with friends. Since there are fewer players, you can invite all your friends and have fun while enjoying the adventurous first-person shooter.


The good ‘ole Counter-Strike 1.6 is one game that no player can ever get tired of playing, ever! It was one of the first Local Area Network (LAN)-based computer games. CS released CS GO in 2016, but CS 1.6 remains popular among users.

There are actual servers made by professional players online, and you can join them through the Game Ranger app. Also, there are several maps and mods that you can use.

For example, in the jailbreak mode, you must save the hostages. In the Zombie mode, you have to survive the apocalypse in a given time limit. There are many more that you can easily install on your game package and play with your friends.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty has a league of its own. The game is not as fast-paced as CS 1.6 nor as fun to play as PUBG, but it has its dedicated followership. The reason: its storyline.

Call of Duty offers everything that a gamer wants from a game – companionship, gameplay, adventure, revenge, thrill, surprises, etc.

People play Call of Duty not to get their anger out but to embrace life. They do it by learning how people survived the world wars and what they did to survive. Most of the wars are in alleys, streets, and even on the roads. A good session of a Call of Duty game will feel like a Dunkirk movie.


If racing makes you fresh, then Asphalt series is the best game for you. You can easily get the Asphalt game series and play online. It isn’t a multiplayer game, at least not the first few versions. You can download Asphalt 8 and Asphalt 9 to play online with your friends and even with strangers.

The racing game is perfect for beginners and, due to its simple gameplay, offers everything that one would expect from a racing game.

Guild Wars

Guild Wars is an adventure-strategy game focused on empire-building. You start as a warrior and have to raise your defenses and fortify your house. After expansion, you can even build a village, and then a town, and then a city. The Guild Wars is inspired by the Roman and Greece civilizations.

Since it is a multiplayer online game, your focus is mostly on beating your peers through brains, brawns, and bronze. Each player gets a proportion of wealth, and then they must utilize it to grow their empire in the game.

It is a time-taking game, and each task takes hours to complete. So, if you are impatient, this game won’t be your cup of tea. However, if you are someone looking for challenges, start playing Guild Wars.


What happens when Orcs, Witches and Warlocks, and Humans meet? WarCraft happens. The end of each civilization approaches as they all get near to each other.

Growth in population has led each civilization to cover more area. Resultantly, not much is left for them to conquer except the lands of their opponents. So, the war of civilization starts.

WarCraft is an immersive, enthralling, and strategic game for anyone looking to put all in a long-term tactics game.

Defend The Tank

If you’re someone who is not a big fan of sitting on PC for long hours to play exciting games, worry not. We have you covered. Defend The Tank is a game by Unlimited Gamez Mo, a subscription-based website which features games that you can play online on your tablets and mobile phone.

The gameplay consists of a battlefield in which you have a tank to defend. The enemies come at you from all directions, and you – as the commander – have to utilize your limited manpower to protect the tank.

You can control a platoon of soldiers and rotate them to inflict maximum damage on the enemy. You can heal the tank with mechanic soldiers and collect coins to upgrade your tank after each battle. As you progress, you unlock special classes of soldiers.


You can’t leave out DOTA when it comes to popular multiplayer strategy games. DOTA is one of the oldest strategy games available online. It is fast, easy, scalable, and perfect for anyone who would like to play games with their friends.

DOTA is a great game to play in leisure, and during this COVID pandemic, you can easily play this thrill and fun game. It is also available online, so if you are not playing with friends, you can always play with someone from around the world.

Final word

This is all you need to know about the action games that are a perfect mix of fun and thrill. Remember, while these games are fun, they can be highly addictive.


About the Author: Andrea Bell is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences and express herself through her blogs. You can find her on Twitter: @IM_AndreaBell