Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Benjamin Grimm, and Johnny Storm, collectively known as the Fantastic Four, have been thrilling readers ever since their debut in November, 1961.

This deluxe volume explores the Fantastic Four's adventures decade by decade as they battle foes including Mole Man, Galactus, and the fearsome Doctor Doom. With vintage art from the Marvel vaults and profiles of the creators behind these iconic characters, this special tribute presents a unique guide to Marvel's first family.

Mr. Fantastic can bend his body like rubber, but Reed Richards's real power is his extraordinary intelligence. Sue Storm is a called the Invisible Woman, but she's anything but invisible: she's one of the most powerful Super Heroes on the planet and she's ready to do anything to defend those she loves. Behind the rocky body of a "Thing" with incredible strength, Ben Grimm is a fighter with a heart of gold. Johnny Storm is kind of a hothead, with a temper that matches his powers: he can become a Human Torch, able to fly, generate flames, and flare up with the power of a star.

They're heroes, but first and foremost, they're a family. They're the Fantastic Four, and it was with their adventures sixty years ago that the Marvel Universe was born.