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Green Lantern #35
DC Comics
Johns, Reis & Albert

Secret Origin wraps up at long last and this issue doesn’t give a lot that feels new in its seventh installment. It’s a good story (as always) but it doesn’t really add a whole lot to the key characters. Sure, it adds some ancillary details needed for Blackest Night, but what else new was added to Hal, Sinestro and the Guardians? The artwork was excellent as always. I guess looking back I kind of wish this was a mini series so that this book could really build up for the coming war as Green Lantern Corps seems to be doing.

The issue begins with Sinestro and Hal facing the Guardians. This scene wasn’t anything too new. Hal does a lot of mouthing off as does Sinestro. They bond due to the fact that they are both brash with their bosses. They talk about Blackest Night and the yellow impurity which is all good but this is stuff that we learned in the present. Did we really need to see the conversation take place back in the day? Does it in any way enhance it? I’m not sure it does.

Hal challenges to the point of near expulsion until Sinestro threatens to quit as well. It’s interesting that the Guardians know Hal’s name and all about him, but they don’t know that Ganthet has taken a name and is running around making side deals with Green Lanterns.

Next the issue involves some of Lanterns as Hal tries to show off how he can penetrate the yellow. Sinestro and Hal make nicey nice and they part ways as buddies. Back on Earth, Hal falls into familiar roles with Carol. We also get glimpses into Hammond’s state and Hand’s status. Sinestro delivers Atrocitus to his prison while Hal makes up with his brother. It’s a very tame ending.

In all honesty I thought this arc was six issues. I don’t know where this part seven came from, but it felt like it was some spare parts stretched over 22 pages. One thing that bugged me was how is Atrocitus such a profit? He’s someone who could have been explored way more instead of jamming in all the pieces with Hammond and Hand and Carol. I guess I just wanted more direct setups to the upcoming Blackest Night arc.

The artwork is great. Sinestro actually looks more badass than Hal which is what you would expect for their relationship at this point in time. I also liked the presentation of the Guardians. They do have omnipresence look to them sitting where they are in Oa. It’s creepy, but effective.

The story was a good read. When placed in the context of Blackest Night it falls a little short of great. When placed in the rankings of Hal Jordan origin stories it falls a little short of fresh. Between all that it’s just a good comic, which there is nothing wrong with.

3.5 out of 5 geek goggles