For decades people young and old have been playing video games. From Atari to Playstation, there’s certainly a video game for every collector! With graded games, collectors can take their collection to the next level. Heritage holds a Mini-Boss Select auction weekly, featuring some fine examples of collectible video games.

Pete Rose Baseball WATA 9.6

We're officially in baseball season in North America! This summer sport brings people from all walks of life together, and while it is fun to watch the games (especially at a stadium), playing baseball video games can be a ton of fun as well. Pete Rose Baseball for the Atari 2600 and 7800 was published by Absolute in 1988.

The game was a solid, yet generic baseball game. When Pete Rose Baseball was re-released under Activision in 1995 it was simply called Baseball due to licensing agreements, but still lives on as one of the better early baseball video games.

This sealed WATA-graded 9.6 A+ is a great-looking copy. Pete Rose is featured on the cover, while the back features stills from the game against a green background. WATA has graded 31 examples of this game, with only one copy grading higher than this. The most recent sale for a game in this grade was from December 2020 with an ending sale of $168. This could be a great pick-up for the right collectors.

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary WATA 9.2

When Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek allowed viewers to boldly go where no one has gone before in 1966, viewers (and readers) were hooked. My dad watched the original Star Trek as it came out, creating a lifelong fan in the process. Growing up in a Star Trek household was fun -- especially when it came to video games. Star Trek: 25th Anniversary for the Nintendo Entertainment System came out in 1992 from Interplay Productions, and was a genuinely fun game.

The graphics still hold up to this day, and the game featured voice work from the original cast. The game was simple but enjoyable, and if you have the chance to play a copy do so!

This sealed WATA-graded 9.2 A looks terrific. This copy features Leonard Nimoy's Spock and William Shatner's Captain Kirk, with the USS Enterprise behind them. The one-year average on similarly graded examples is $288 with prices trending down. If you're a Star Trek fan do not pass up on this item!

Mortal Kombat 3 CGC Universal 7.5

Mortal Kombat 3 originally started as an arcade game by Midway and quickly became a fan favorite. The game was ported to several home consoles, with Sony paying top dollar to get the rights to sell the 32-bit version (an identical twin to the arcade version) before any other company could. The home console version of this game would sell millions of copies and has since been re-released as a home arcade cab thanks to Arcade 1Up, as well as many console-specific downloads.

This sealed CGC blue label 7.5 might be a lower grade, but this game is full of character. The last sale for a CGC 7.5 example was on August 2020 for $336. By comparison, a CGC 9.6 has a one-year average of $4,440. This could be a great piece for the right collector.

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