Silver Age Marvel issues were on the move this week, and Avengers #55 led the pack with some stiff competition from a Wolverine/Sabretooth key comic.

MCU speculation reigned supreme across the secondary market, and it was enough to boost three Silver Age Marvel keys into the spotlight this week. What is even more impressive is that one of those falls into the holy grail status. 

What are the Hottest Comics? GoCollect uses data from online auction sites to gauge which comics are the biggest sellers each week. On Wednesdays, the index is updated to give collectors the 1,001 best-selling comics ranked by total number of copies sold. This is not based on fair market value, but strictly by sales volume. 

Here, you will find the five comics that made the most progress in a week’s time.

44. AVENGERS #55 (+956)

Back when Avengers: Age of Ultron first made it to theaters, this was one of the single hottest issues on the market. Since we have not seen Ultron after that installment, it is understandable that things cooled significantly for the AI villain’s first appearance. Thanks to WandaVision, this issue has suddenly become much more popular.

As part of Wanda Maximoff’s tragic backstory, the series took viewers to a time before the events of Age of Ultron as she first encountered an infinity stone. Since then, theorists have wondered when Ultron himself will make his return to the MCU. He was heavily alluded to not only in that episode but the series as a whole. Remember that, in the comics, Ultron is immortal even by AI standards. He can upload his consciousness anywhere at any time, and he comes back more advanced than before. That could be the perfect setup for him to return to plague the Scarlet Witch one more time.

On the coattails of WandaVision’s success, the FMVs for Avengers #55 have been picking up the pace. Over the past 90 days, virtually every grade has gotten a price bump. At the top of the heap is the 9.6, which sold for $766 earlier this month after earning $621 on average last year. Of course, that is still down from the 2019 FMV of $838, but it is catching up. Traditionally, the most popular seller has been the 8.5. In the past 12 months, it has traded hands 20 times for an average of $269 with the most recent sale netting $271. 

47. UNCANNY X-MEN #213 (+953)

This cover does a heart good. What’s not to love? It is a classic and among the most recognizable Wolverine/Sabretooth artwork. Their snarling faces fill up every inch of this cover, and it is a true masterpiece.

The other part of the equation for UXM #213's rapid rise through the ranks is Weapon X mythos. Along with #212, this is part of the first fight between Logan and Victor Creed. With all the Wolverine speculation floating across the internet, there is growing curiosity regarding Sabretooth. As far as live-action, he has not been seen since 2009’s forgettable X-Men Origins: Wolverine, although Liev Schrieber did an excellent job bringing Creed to life. After all these years, it could be time for an MCU makeover.

The other part of this comic’s popularity comes from Betsy Braddock, who officially took up the title of Psylocke in these pages. It also features the first cameo appearance of Mister Sinister. With all the X-Men MCU speculation, many fans are wondering if these two will be in the mix, and that is upping the ante for all their keys, too.

On the high end, UXM #213 has been earning record highs. On May 6, a 9.8 sold for $575, though most other sales stayed closer to the $300-$350 range. It wasn’t the only grade breaking records as the 9.6 reached $225 on May 14. 

49. THE HUNTRESS #1 (+951)

Huntress had seriously 1980s hair flowing for the cover of her first appearance and first solo comic back in ‘89. She has come a long way since then, and she’s even made it to the world of live-action in both the CW’s Arrowverse and 2020’s Birds of Prey movie. That rising popularity was a recipe for success this week as her debut comic received a major boost in sales. With multiple live-action portrayals, it is no wonder that collectors are aiming for Huntress’s key issues. At any point, she could be a breakout star either in an upcoming movie or in an HBO Max series.

The good part about so many DC keys is that values generally stay low. Here we have a first appearance of what could become a major character, and the 9.8 averages less than $150. Two years ago, you were hard-pressed to find The Huntress #1 for under $200, so nabbing one at the current rate could prove to be a wise investment.

Daredevil Silver Age Bound Comics by Patrick Bain58. DAREDEVIL #1 (+941)

All the gossip of Matt Murdock appearing in the third Homecoming film has tipped the scales for DareDevil #1, at least for one week. 

Since the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home saw Peter Parker’s identity broadcast to the world as he was accused of murdering Mysterio, it was only natural that fans speculated on Nelson & Murdock representing Spider-Man in court. In the comics, traditionally, if a superhero needs a lawyer, either She-Hulk or Daredevil gets the call. Add in the rumors that Marvel Studios is planning to resurrect some of the key actors from their lost Netflix series and you have a perfect recipe for rampant gossip. Those rumors are not slowing as the latest scuttlebutt has it that Charlie Cox has been spotted on the No Way Home set, though that is completely unconfirmed at this point.

With all this attention on Daredevil and the possibility that he will be incorporated into the main MCU (because technically the Netflix shows were in their own corner of the MCU), it is logical that his first appearance would be getting a boost. Of course, this is a holy grail-level key, so the prices didn’t need a boost in the first place.

After three relatively affordable comics, the fourth and fifth spots are occupied by true beasts of the hobby. At least for DD #1, most of the sales came from the mid and lower grades, but they still managed to haul in some impressive figures. A 5.0 sold for $6,594 on May 14, while a 4.5 brought $5,655 on May 9. Even a 1.0 earned over $1,500 this month.

60. CAPTAIN AMERICA #100 (+940)

There are major Silver Age Marvel keys in today’s ranks, and it is fitting that we wrap up today’s list with a famous issue of Captain America. Here we have Cap’s return to his own solo series since the Golden Age. In terms of Cap’s Silver Age keys, this is second only to his Marvel Comics debut in Avengers #4

With all the Captain America news and headlines since The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I expected we’d see those classic Steve Rogers keys pick up the sales pace sooner. Much of that can be contributed to the high prices for those elite collectibles, which is a deterrent for many collectors. Still, this is one of the more sought-after comics from the Silver Age, even if Stever Rogers is out of the MCU at the moment.

Like DD #1, the biggest sellers for Captain America #100 were in the mid and lower grades. On May 9, a 6.5 swapped owners for $620. That same week, a 4.5 set a new record-high after a copy sold for $465.