Category: Investment Speculation

by Chris Severs | April 16, 2024

As the physical & digital worlds of (comic) art collections blend into a new Phygital Space, it is incredibly exciting to see what positive impacts this will make and ARE making on the entire comic book industry.

by Don | April 14, 2024

Most comic book investors generally believe that storylines alone -- no matter how popular they are -- are generally not worth investing in. We'll put that general rule to the test with X-Men '97's adaptation of Chris Claremont's "Lifedeath" storyline.

by Ryan Kirksey | April 13, 2024

Analyzing the Hottest Silver Age Comics of the last 30 days, we may be beginning to see a trend emerging from some highly-anticipated upcoming DCEU and MCU properties, such as Deadman. Many of these on-screen adventures are still quite a ways out, but smart investors are starting to invest in some of the books...

by Doug Ohlandt | April 10, 2024

 In 1955, to get around the newly created Comics Code Authority, EC Comics shifted their comic Mad to a magazine format. The irreverent magazine that threw tomatoes at just about everything would remain in publication for more than 60 years. Let’s take a look at the key issues of Mad in the magazine format that...

by Doug Ohlandt | April 8, 2024

One area of focus in comic collecting that has been overlooked since other forms of media began to have such a great influence on the hobby is that of hunting down key comics by top creators. This time we’re looking at the works of Dave Stevens.

by Chris Severs | April 7, 2024

With the surging popularity of X-Men '97 and it's comic book release with X-Men '97 #1, let's take a look at some of the best X-Men titles on the VeVe app!

by Lauren Sisselman | April 6, 2024

Welcome back to this week's Weekly Comic Auction Gem rundown! Each week, we'll look at Heritage's weekly Sunday through Tuesday comic book auction to see which items should be on your radar!

by Chris Severs | March 31, 2024

This article explains Marvel’s FULL-ON SHIFT into digital comic collecting & ownership, what this new change means, and how the digital comic collecting space relates to, and enhances our traditional, physical collections

by chubellcomics | March 31, 2024

It's been a year since Part 1, which means all the Disney-Marvel variant covers have been released, and Mickey Mouse is in the public domain.

by Joseph Overaitis | March 31, 2024

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