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by Matt Tuck | April 15, 2024

X-Men '97 rocked its fandom with the tragic destruction of Genosha, and the main suspect in the attack will have you on the hunt for New X-Men #114.

by Don | April 14, 2024

Most comic book investors generally believe that storylines alone -- no matter how popular they are -- are generally not worth investing in. We'll put that general rule to the test with X-Men '97's adaptation of Chris Claremont's "Lifedeath" storyline.

by Ryan Kirksey | April 13, 2024

Analyzing the Hottest Silver Age Comics of the last 30 days, we may be beginning to see a trend emerging from some highly-anticipated upcoming DCEU and MCU properties, such as Deadman. Many of these on-screen adventures are still quite a ways out, but smart investors are starting to invest in some of the books...

by Don | April 9, 2024

With 11 million+ views, Twentieth Century Studios' teaser trailer for Alien: Romulus has provided hope to fans of the Aliens franchise. With more hits than misses since Aliens in 1986, can Romulus revitalize the franchise and the Aliens collectibles market?

by Don | April 8, 2024

The critically acclaimed X-Men '97 continues to drive sales volume in the comic book market. Episode #4 puts a spotlight on Mojo, one of the most unusual (and imaginative) villains the X-Men have ever faced.

by Chris Severs | April 7, 2024

With the surging popularity of X-Men '97 and it's comic book release with X-Men '97 #1, let's take a look at some of the best X-Men titles on the VeVe app!

by Don | April 5, 2024

Already an iconic toy brand, how has Barbie's surging popularity translated into the collectibles market? Is she worth investing in?

by Matt Tuck | April 3, 2024

One way or another, the Phoenix will return in X-Men '97, and that could lead to the oft-overlooked Rachel Summers getting her just due.

by Don | April 1, 2024

Considering that it's likely that Link (the heroic swordsman from Zelda) will likely debut on the big screen in the near future, is it worth investing in any of his key issues?

by Joseph Overaitis | March 31, 2024

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