Author: Don

Don spent much of his youth reading Chris Claremont's run on The Uncanny X-Men titles and Amazing Spider-Man comics at Fat Jack's Comic Crypt in North Philly. Three decades later, he's returned to the hobby and is enjoying catching up on all of the great stories that he's missed. He's still looking for his own copy of Hulk 181. Please discuss comics with him @don_comics on Twitter and @don.comix.5 on Facebook.

by Don | April 18, 2024

After roughly two years of declining values across the collectibles market, we've recently some evidence that the good times may have returned. Will this Jordan Logoman card become the most expensive basketball card ever sold?

by Don | April 14, 2024

Most comic book investors generally believe that storylines alone -- no matter how popular they are -- are generally not worth investing in. We'll put that general rule to the test with X-Men '97's adaptation of Chris Claremont's "Lifedeath" storyline.

by Don | April 11, 2024

The 2024 NCAA Women's tournament has driven newfound interest in other players besides Clark. Let's take a look at two of Clark's biggest rivals and peers: Paige Bueckers and Angel Reese.

by Don | April 9, 2024

With 11 million+ views, Twentieth Century Studios' teaser trailer for Alien: Romulus has provided hope to fans of the Aliens franchise. With more hits than misses since Aliens in 1986, can Romulus revitalize the franchise and the Aliens collectibles market?

by Don | April 8, 2024

The critically acclaimed X-Men '97 continues to drive sales volume in the comic book market. Episode #4 puts a spotlight on Mojo, one of the most unusual (and imaginative) villains the X-Men have ever faced.

by Don | April 5, 2024

Already an iconic toy brand, how has Barbie's surging popularity translated into the collectibles market? Is she worth investing in?

by Don | April 2, 2024

Forget about the solar eclipse on April 8th. On April 4th, the comic book collecting community will likely witness something far more important (at least to us): the sale of the most expensive comic book ever.

by Don | April 1, 2024

Considering that it's likely that Link (the heroic swordsman from Zelda) will likely debut on the big screen in the near future, is it worth investing in any of his key issues?

by Don | March 30, 2024

Disney has a hit on its hands with X-Men '97! The first three episodes of the show have received a rare 100% from critics and a 93% audience score. The first episode drops a hint that the New Mutants may appear in the show in the future...

by Don | March 29, 2024

It may be time to hear the roar, again, because the ThunderCats are loose!