I'm THRILLED to share this article LEI with You, written during my Maui vacation, so as not to delay the big news!

THE BIG NEWSVeVe Digital Collectibles and Marvel are releasing the first-ever digital collectible comic issues of the iconic Hulk #180Hulk #181. These groundbreaking drops claw another massive milestone in the evolution of comic book collecting, tugging the nostalgic allure of physical comics with the cutting-edge capabilities of digital assets.

Dropping comic keys this popular (#180 has 8,799 / #181 has 18,079 CGC graded!), along with the incredible list of comic keys & grails available for full ownership on the app, further bridges gaps between the past & the future of comic collecting. Digital collectors will be stacking these quickly, particularly key 'edition numbers' (the numbers shown on the collectible after it has minted on the blockchain), which regularly re-list for multiples higher than the initial drop/retail price.  And YES, Marvel is ALL IN, so it's time to take note!

For Newer Comic Fans, A Quick Hulk #180-181 Review:

#180 First published on October 10th, 1974 (with #181 following November '74), this one-two punch pair are landmark issues in the Marvel Universe. Written by Len Wein with art by Herb Trimpe, Glynis Wein, Artie Simek & Gaspar Saladino.

Hulk #180 presents the 1st CAMEO appearance of Wolverine (appearing in just the one, final panel), where Hulk #181 then features the 1st FULL appearance of Wolverine, going deeper into the origin story of one of Marvel's most beloved and enduring characters.  The story sees the Incredible Hulk battling the Wendigo in the Canadian wilderness, only to be interrupted by the mysterious and ferocious Wolverine, sent by the Canadian government to subdue both monsters. This clash not only introduced Wolverine to the world, but also set the stage for his future as a central figure in the X-Men series and beyond.

Sorry - this article won't dive into the debate of Wolvie's 1st Cameo appearance in Hulk #180, and whether it or issue #181 are 'better than the other', which I'll leave to a nice review by GoCollect's Matt Tuck, but For a fun announcement by VeVe's comic team, watch their YOUTUBE!

Why are Hulk #180 & #181 So Valuable?

These issues debuted Marvel fan-fave Wolverine, one of the most popular (Canadian!) mutants ever, where his fight with Hulk would be one of so many more epic battles to come, both physically and emotionally as Logan’s internal struggles & story are simply epic. Adamantium, retractable razor-sharp claws, healing factor, incredible strength & agility, ‘Weapon-X,’ multiple love interests, one-liners Arnold would be jealous of and of course, rugged Canadian good looks made this a powerful character fans have continued to enjoy since 1974. The cover art is compelling, and a battle between beasts of their stature makes for engaging reading.

Just a year later in May 1975, Wolverine would join the X-Men as detailed in Giant-Size X-Men #1 along with Storm, Cyclops, Colossus & Nightcrawler. In 1992, fans would be blessed with the release of the original X-Men animated series, setting Saturday mornings ablaze with animation anticipation! Logan's backstory is compelling, his popularity legendary and his on-screen experiences epic. Don't expect a whole lot of SORRY'S from this Canadian though!

Of course, like my favourite Canadian X-Man, I wanted to quickly shout out and thank Marvel and VeVe for having dropped Alpha Flight #1 back in 2022. Without AF, where would Wolverine be today LOL!?!

The Importance to Physical Collectors

Hulk #181 is a showstopper. Its historical significance, plus Wolverine and The Hulk's immense popularities, make it one of the most sought-after issues in the hobby. High-grade copies of Hulk #181 can fetch tens of thousands of dollars at auction. Per GoCollect, it's FMV (Fair Market Value) for a 9.8 CGC runs $68,000 with a record $138,000 sale back in Sept 2022!

Owning a pristine, physical version is a big win for many collectors, where the its appeal may increase further with speculation running wild we could see a HULK / WOLVERINE BATTLE in Deadpool 3, plus thousands of new collectors gravitating to the convenience of collecting digital assets on VeVe, where anything 'Wolverine' is gobbled up. In fact, many VeVe digital collectors have been proudly posting images of their animated assets right alongside their Hulk 181-graded & cased copies. With over 300,000 enthused fans being exposed, this absolutely paints very positive pictures for the physical books. The desire to pair the two for these collectors has been a long time coming...

Thanks to The Cosmic Wonder for this Clip!

Digital Harmony - Why Collectors Should Take Note

With Marvel & VeVe releasing Hulk #180/#181 as ownable, digital collectibles, the spotlight yet again MUST bring the shift of strategy into the minds of collectors. Make no mistake, these are Marvel-Licensed, like all other titles in the app (along with DC, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Viz Media, ZQ Studios & others), readable, non-degradable, sellable & 100% SHOW OFF FLEX-CAPABLE.

Again, full details of HULK #180 / #181 releases can be found by clicking HERE.  VeVe's typical array of the OG / Classic (Historic) cover, along with a variety of VeVe-Exclusive covers created by Marvel artists for the VeVe app. with 5,000 total editions (across 5 variant covers) at an initial drop price of $10 for Hulk #180, while Hulk #181, also with only 5000 editions dropping at $20.

As often is seen, expect extreme market volatility once the drop ends where those who often hope or gamble on winning specific assets (like the Secret Rare variant or low edition numbers) then list their drop wins in the public marketplace, and incredibly, some under retail. As written previously, this is where I like to hunt as many users may not see or know they hold (historically) significant or fancy edition numbers, further allowing the detailed-conscious hunters to scoop up comic keys at fantastic early price points (IMHO & NFA of course!).

Further, many VeVe fans STACK multiple copies that decrease supply quickly, as the ability to easily sell assets in the public marketplace makes the potential for gain or asset switching without shipping / insurance / storage etc. highly desirable. Key Edition Numbers & very scare ‘secret rare’ variants often fetch immediate valuations 10X – 30X or higher over the release price, adding to the overall excitement.

To clarify for anyone new to this space, a 'drop' is when a title is 'released in a live auction' from the app's store. It's like a lottery of sorts, where your chances of landing a 'genesis' (original, blockchain) mint depend on the total number of users trying to win an asset. For these drops, they will also be 'blind box' format - the rarity you may win will be revealed after you have successfully entered the drop. However, around 7 minutes after the 'drop', items begin to appear in the public marketplace where you can purchase the cover variants and/or specific edition numbers you fancy. It's all very easy to use...

Having written multiple articles for GoCollect about digital collectibles, YES – I acknowledge there is CONCERN, FEAR, DOUBT, HEAVY SPECULATION and of course, ANGER. These ‘early technology’ emotions are 100% natural and as I often state, this may not be for everyone. Physical assets are still dominant & hold seats at the King's table, but I am merely encouraging some thinking outside the box a little…


If you have ever purchased a comic based on PURE SPECULATION, which most of us have, then the opportunity presenting itself through fully licensed, digitally-minted assets is something we can no longer ignore. That ‘fully licensed’ part is what initially hooked me in – MARVEL chose to partner with VeVe (along with 100’s of other massive brands). In addition, they provide EXCLUSIVE COVER ART (click that text link to read more on these Rare & Ultra Rare Variant covers) found only in the VeVe app. If VeVe is good enough for Marvel to authorize as a comic book distribution and ownership platform, while also providing custom artwork unavailable anywhere else, well then…it’s good enough for me.

If you haven't started following the #VeVe Community on Twitter/X, you should give it a go. DCNFT / Candy Digital, Topps, NHL Breakaway, Upper Deck and so many others are there too and the fun, idea sharing, edition-number matching and scooping up of highly significant mints (such as cover date month + years, binaries, palindromes, '1234' etc.) is happening NOW.

Those in early could be grabbing all the goodies while the bulk of the space sits back second-guessing what's happening. Hulk 181 is the antithesis to this - it's one of the most popular books out there, and IMHO, these books will do very well, both during their drops and in after-market activity, driving $100's of $1,000's of dollars into the app.

What's this Writer's Angle Here?

I usually receive a few comments questioning my angle on these blogs, so YES - I am a Wolverine fan. I really like Hulk too, but Wolverine is #1 in my list of all-time favourite mutants. My hockey goalie mask is blazoned with his is my son's (though he's a MUCH better goalie than I'll ever be!) thanks to Tony Jarett of MASKED EXPRESSIONS. I have Wolvie figurines all over my office and to give credit where it's certainly due - CASUAL VEVE (a fellow digital collector I met via Twitter) went to his own lengths to create the Funko-Pop style images for me shown above, as he knows I'm another CDN BUB. (THANKS AGAIN CASUAL - Still Love These!!!).

So the angle is to share my excitement & raise further awareness to a growing trend amongst the collecting industry. I haven't had this much fun collecting comics since my teens, so if I can help anyone curious or on the fence get a bit more informed, then GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!

Casual VeVe's gift is but one small example of the incredible power of this digital comic collecting community. It's fun. It's supportive. And believe me, it's HUNGRY for Hulk 181, having been begging VeVe for this drop for over 2 years now!

Bridging Physical + Digital Collecting

Phygital asset collecting opens up exciting possibilities for collectors around the globe. Digital comics can be stored and displayed without concerns of wear and tear that affect physical copies. They also allow for instant global access, enabling fans from all corners of the world to participate in the collecting community. VeVe & Marvel not only honour the legacy of Hulk #181, but continue paving the way for future digital releases that will continue to enrich the collecting experience.

Yes, these are digital assets, but NO - you do NOT need to worry about 'crypto, NFTs, blockchain minting, converting ETH to USDT yada, yada. You simply download the VeVe app (Apple / Google App Stores), do your KYC inputs (to protect users from fraud) and then either use Apple Pay or credit card to secure your favourite assets. There are loads of helpful tools, and over 300,000 fans willing to help newcomers where able!

However, for the crypto & Web3 enthusiasts out there, you'll likely see the value quickly, where a big percentage of fans come for the ability to access ownership of massive Lincesed-IP like Marvel, DC, Disney, Star Wars / LucasArts, James Bond & more.

Last, let's not overlook the incredible experiences being created across the globe, enhancing your real world photos with images easily placed via A/R from the app, or the massive amount of X-Men / Wolverine IP already found in these platforms.  Being Wolverine's 50th ANNIVERSARY, It's a dream to see what's available for you in here!

Digital is Growing the Market of Comic Collectors

As physical & digital collectibles continue to complement each other, the release of Hulk #180 / #181 on VeVe showcases the enduring appeal of comics, the characters we have loved for so, so long and the innovative spirit of the entire space. This historic drop is a celebration of the past, present, and future of Marvel comics, and all comic brands for that matter.

Whether you're a seasoned collector with a prized physical copy of either physical book or a new fan eager to embrace the digital age, the reality is clear that there is really something for everyone now.  Personally, I really like they're dropping #180 first as it might just give a few newer VeVe users time to take note, grab the app & prepare for the following release of Hulk #181 and the hype of socials has certainly elevated the number of NEW comic fans eager to learn more.

With VeVe having just released the incredibly popular WOLVERINE #1 last week, a Deadpool / Wolverine flick coming shortly and a massively successful X-Men '97 Animated Series, the timing from Marvel & VeVe on 180-181 couldn't be better at bringing more attention to the space.   Like digital assets or not, the beneficial impact they are having on our beloved comic collecting space, re-invigorating once 'paused' collectors like myself, growing the space for new fans and sparking a massive monetary movement cannot be ignored.

As a digital marketing guy, seeing how seamlessly these drops now factor into theatrical marketing / releases is exciting, where I am already envisioning how much further this is all going to take us. And if you're still speculative on digital being 'new', remember - there was once a time where parents threw out their kids' copies of Marvel Comics #1 LOL!

Marvel's first-ever digital collectible comic issues of Hulk #180 & #181 are here, continuing to revolutionize how we can collect, share and cherish our favorite stories. As always, you certainly don't have to take part in this event and can continue collecting as you've always enjoyed.  However, if you're just a tad speculative and maybe willing to give these original digital representations a try, you too can secure your piece of comic book history & enjoy a truly amazing experience!

Thanks for Reading!