The latest signs point to Nightwing coming to the silver screen, but could his potential arrival lead to something even bigger for the Bat-Family?

James Gunn confirmed that Damian Wayne will be Batman's sidekick in Brave and the Bold. More recently, it was revealed that a Teen Titans movie is in development at DC Studios. Put the two movies together, and it begs to reason that we'll meet an adult Dick Grayson very soon.

Robin has been an integral part of the Titans since its formation in the Silver Age, and both Damian and Dick have been members. Logically, Brave and the Bold will lay the foundation for the Teen Titans movie, most likely leading to both characters appearing in the film. With Damian as the DCU Robin, we probably will see Dick as Nightwing leading the team of young heroes and sidekicks, but could we eventually see a new Batman as well? It's plausible enough to have you keeping tabs on these issues.


Wouldn't we all like to own Dick's first appearance as Robin in Batman #1? Unless you've got thousands of dollars to spend on a low-grade copy, we've got to look at different options. Thankfully, there's Nightwing. Famously, Dick made the costume change in this 1984 issue. And what a disco-themed costume it was, complete with a ridiculously high collar. Good thing he upgraded the suit a few times to get to his cool modern fashion sense.


It was in New Teen Titans #39 that Dick Grayson dropped the Robin moniker, setting up the transition into Nightwing. At the moment, this isn't one of his more collectible keys, but that could change in a hurry. If we see this moment in the DCU, particularly in Brave and the Bold, then it will rocket up the eBay sales charts.


Depending on the direction James Gunn chooses to go in regards to Brave and the Bold, this could very quickly become a red-hot collectible.

The DCU co-chair has said that DCU Chapter One will take inspiration from Grant Morrison, and Gunn specifically cited Batman and Robin. That particular run saw Dick Grayson act as Batman while the mystery of Bruce Wayne's whereabouts played out. Even after Bruce returned, Dick remained as a Batman during Morrison's Batman, Inc. story arc. It begs the question, will Gunn throw audiences a curve and have Dick wear the cape and cowl?

On the off chance that is in the works, you'll want to own Robin #0. While Dick officially became Batman in Battle for the Cowl, it wasn't the first time he wore the Batman costume. That happened here as part of 1995's "Knightquest" crossover that followed "Knightfall," a story that saw Bane break Bruce's back and retire from the superhero life...for a time.


After substituting as Batman, the DC staff banked on Nightwing having more popularity of his own and gave the character his first self-titled comic. This was a one-shot to help wrap up loose ends and prep the character for a solo run. At any rate, it's the first time Nightwing was the star with his name in the title, which makes this issue worth owning for almost no risk.


When it comes to collecting those first self-titled comics, it never hurts to add characters' initial runs in their own starring roles. While the very first comic is the main collecting target, those on-going titles are well worth tracking down. Following Alfred's Return, Dick had his own series in 1995, and he was rocking the cool blue and gold costume with a trendy mid-'90s ponytail. Lest we forget, even Superman had longhair for a brief stint in the '90s.


There is so much intrigue as we await Gunn to kick off Chapter One next year with Superman before leaning into Brave and the Bold. What could be taking place is a version of Batman, Inc., with Bruce still the main Batman while other characters, including Dick Grayson, follow his orders as Batmen and Batwomen around the globe. Again, the fact that Gunn is following Morrison's lead could be a major hint toward this plan. It would give audiences something they have never seen from a live-action Batman while allowing for plenty of spinoffs both in theaters and on streaming.