Donna Barr's AFTERDEAD 1 has been reviewed by Publisher's Weekly:

Best known for eccentric satirical works about a gay Nazi officer (The Desert Peach), centaurs (Stinz) and German culture, self-publishing comics pioneer Donna Barr returned earlier this summer with the release of Afterdead, a new collection of comics and prose that brings together her principal characters in one series.

In Afterdead, Barr continues to explore themes such as the influence of the military on society, the complexities of love and sexuality and the gray areas of morality and human responsibility. She believes Afterdead will allow her to comment on a wide range of issues facing modern life, noting in her introduction that “the new Peach will open up hunting season on the whole of human history and every country that ever was or could be.” Barr acknowledges that the current political climate, in which issues of war and civil liberties are of central importance, should give her rich material with which to work.

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Afterdead 1: Desert Peach #31, #32, and Beyond
by Donna Barr