Collecting trading cards has been a time-honored tradition for generations. From baseball cards to Pokemon cards, there’s a trading card for every kind of fan! Trading card games focus on the gaming aspect of certain trading cards — such as the previously mentioned Pokemon, as well as the widely popular Magic: The Gathering.

Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2015 Sealed 

If you're into taking a gamble, this 2015 Magic: The Gathering core set sealed box is perfect for you. These sealed boxes contain 36 booster packs within, which house 15 cards each. This set is the 16th core set and might include cards such as Silver Hive or The Chain Veil. You could also keep it sealed and leave its contents a complete mystery.

Sealed booster boxes can go for serious money, with some selling for over $200 on other auction sites. Interest in Magic is still big with trading card gamers, and collecting the cards is just as big.

Weiss Schwarz Golden Experience 

If I'm being honest, I love anime. I've been watching the medium for decades, and these Weiss Schwarz cards absolutely tickle me. This specific card, Golden Experience, is from JoJo's Bizarre Experience. If you've never seen that anime, I urge you to watch a few episodes after reading this.

This card is mild when it comes to JoJo, but what a great card to put in your collection. This PSA GEM MT 10 is as good as they come. Ungraded cards average at $49, so this could be your chance to get a perfect 10 at a great price.

Pokemon Snorlax

Snorlax is the best Pokemon in my professional opinion. He loves to eat, sleep, and will cause great damage when provoked. This card came with the Unlimited Jungle set and is one of the rare cards from that set. Snorlax made his first appearance in the Pokemon series in episode 41, Wake Up Snorlax!

This blue label CGC Mint 9 is crisp and beautiful and would look amazing in a budding collection. A similarly graded card sold for $576 in January 2022. Ungraded cards average $174.79. If you gotta catch 'em all, do not overlook this card.

Pokemon 1st Edition Jungle Set Sealed Booster Box 

If you're looking to collect more than just Snorlax cards, don't sleep on this first edition Pokemon Jungle Set Booster Box. This sealed booster box is a hard find, and could contain some truly valuable cards. Each box comes with 36 booster packs, which contain 11 cards each. That gives you 396 chances of finding one rare Snorlax card. This box has been climbing in price since September of 2022, with pieces going for the following:

September 2022 $9,600 and $10,200
December 2022 $11,400

This box could potentially go for more than $11,500, so this is the item to keep an eye on in this auction.

Marvel Universe Series 1 Group Lot of Five

Trading cards come and go in fashion, but they are an easy and fun way to expand a collection. These Marvel superhero and villain cards from Impel were released in the early 1990s, and feature great artwork with bright, bold colors. While they aren't the most valuable cards out there, they are unique pieces for collectors and fans. All of these have a CGC blue label, and break down into the following:

Daredevil (Mint 9)
Power Man (Gem Mint 9.2)
Black Panther (NM/MT+ 8.5)
Punisher (NM/MT+ 8.5)
Bullseye (Mint 9)

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