GoCollect Eyes on Original Art blog by Patrick Bain"Everything old is new again" is attributed to Stephen King, but I suspect poets and farmers turned that phrase many times before that author.  And what do we say about fashion...just wait a while and it will soon be back in style.  Nothing could be truer than Daredevil once again dressed in yellow.  While the Man Without Fear rocked the old duds in She-Hulk, we'll pontificate on art by Tim Sale from Daredevil: Yellow 2 (2001).

Pulling Old Clothes from the Closet

Daredevil Yellow 2 by Tim Sale
Who would have thunk the old yellow and red (black?) costume from the first six issues of Daredevil would make a comeback?  I get a compliment or two on my forty-year-old sweaters, was that Matt Murdock's thinking?  Daredevil wore his original suit from April 1964 until February 1965.  Then he donned the more devilish all-red suit.  Now, I need Daredevil historians to chime in.  Did Matt Murdock ever put on the original costume between 1965 and the 2001 Daredevil: Yellow series?

Daredevil Yellow Art Up for (Tim) Sale

Daredevil Yellow Pages 2-3 by Tim SaleEleven lots from Daredevil: Yellow 2 by Tim Sale appear in the upcoming Heritage Auction.  With splash pages, panel pages and even a cover offered, buyers will find a wide range of prices for the various pieces.  However, based on early bids, the premium works may contend for new record high prices on Tim Sale art through HA.  Nonetheless, with all the offerings, some of the panel pages may be affordable enough to also buy a copy of Daredevil 6.  That would be the last issue before introducing his red costume.

Tim Sale Daredevil art

I think the cover will perform best as is usually the case.  But the Page 1 splash shown above could have been cover art.  Interestingly, the current bid for the page 1 splash leads the cover at this time.  For more frugal buyers, the panel pages have terrific composition and plentiful action.  The best may finish around $5,000 while some may be had for a couple thousand or less.

Past Tim Daredevil Yellow Sale(s)

Tim Sales art

The top seven Tim Sale(s) at Heritage Auctions occurred this year.  (If Tim is reading this, sorry, that's my last sales pun.)  That says something about what has been offered, but also indicates piquing interest in Tim Sale's art.  Most of the high prices are for Batman art, but a splash for Daredevil Yellow fetched $18,000.  That page had the distinction of being the full-length costume reveal on the last page of the story in issue one.

Two panel pages from the series also sold in 2022.  The more distinctive one sold in April for $7,200.  While the other sold in February for $4,200.  Those sales may suggest higher prices for the better panel pages currently available, but the Daredevil episodes have already aired on She-Hulk, Attorney at Law.  So, like superhero flings, interest may have cooled.

Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Daredevil 6

The old duds took me back to my youth: reading used Daredevil comics in the seventies and watching Tony Orlando and Dawn on TV.  If you are young, you probably don't remember Tony Orlando and Dawn.  If old, you may wish you could forget them.  But they had a timeless classic, Tie a Yellow Ribbon.  That song told of a man returning on a bus presumably after being away at war.  Would his love leave a token that her heart was still his: a yellow ribbon around that ole oak tree?  Or would he be crushed with the disappointment that she had moved on?  Well, I don't think I would be reminiscing about that song if Daredevil had not been dressed in yellow for the MCU.   And, of course, Jennifer Walters falling for him in a big way.

So, go pick up some of that Daredevil: Yellow art.  Or if you prefer, read my last article discussing Daredevil art.  By the way, who am I to deny you if you want to go back to the 1970s to see Tony Orlando and Dawn singing Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round that Ole Oak Tree?

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