Tom Fagan was a number of things during a lifetime of newspaper reporting, raising a family and assuming legendary status in the comic book community.
But in Rutland, where the 76-year-old lived before his death on Monday, he was known as "Mr. Halloween" — the man who helped create an All-Hallows-Eve procession of ghosts, ghouls and costumed greats in the 1950s that endures today as the biggest Halloween parade in the state.
In that sense, the parade, which celebrates its 49th year next Friday, represents his most crowning achievement.
The annual event attracted more than 10,000 people last year and has been visited by caped crusaders sent by DC Comics and Marvel Comics — two heavyweights in the comic world.
Perhaps an even bigger distinction and honor, both the Rutland parade and Fagan have appeared in the pages of such comics as "Batman" and "The Avengers."
"Without Tom, there wouldn't be a Halloween parade in Rutland," Marro said. "That's his legacy."
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