The X-Men '97 finale had buyers throwing their money at Wolverine #75, launching it into the top of the Hottest Comics.

Buyers couldn't get enough X-Men after the X-Men '97 season finale, but there were some interesting new additions to the Hottest Comics this week. Based on the 10-day sales rankings, these are the top-100 best-selling comics on eBay. Instead of focusing purely on the those issues with eye-popping numbers, let's take a deeper dive into the list to see what new trends could be emerging.

2. WOLVERINE #75 (+44)

Seeing Wolverine have the adamantium ripped from his skeleton sent X-Men '97 fans straight to eBay for a 1990s classic. After Magneto did the unthinkable in X-Men #25, readers saw the aftereffects in Wolverine #75. It led to a major moment in Logan's history as it was revealed that Wolverine's claws were made of bone and part of his mutant abilities all along. While that's a big deal to Wolverine fans, the real selling point is the awesome cover art with Logan writhing in pain like never before.

16. X-FACTOR #6 (+69)

After teases all season, X-Men '97 gave fans their first look at Apocalypse in the animated flesh. Besides the statue of En Sabah Nur's giant head on the moon, the big reveal came at the end of the episode when the time-displaced X-Men met a young Apocalypse in Ancient Egypt. This should have future implications for the Rise of Apocalypse limited series from 1996, but first, collectors were targeting his first full appearance in X-Factor #6.


There's nothing like a live-action adaptation to give the sales a boost. Up to this point, Revival #1 had been flying under the collecting radar. Shortly after SyFy announced that a television series is in development, the news sent buyers to eBay for the coveted first issue. What exactly is Revival? Published in 2012, the Tim Seeley-Mike Norton comic follows Officer Dana Cypress as she solves a murder in the midst of a zombie outbreak.


Although the live-action Silk show looks like it will get the axe, Sony is moving forward with the Spider-Man Noir movie. That has inspired collectors and investors to grab copies of his 2009 solo series.

After gaining a huge following after the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Sony decided to give the 1930s-style Spidey his own movie. To the delight of Spider-Verse fans, Nicolas Cage, who voices the character in the animated movies, will bring Spider-Man Noir to life on the silver screen.


Bastion went full Dragon Ball Z in the X-Men '97 finale, going Super Saiyan in his own, unique way. Instead of glowing with energy, Bation's final form closely resembled arguably Apocalypse's most famous horseman, Archangel. In the original X-Men: The Animated Series, Apocalypse transformed Angel into Death, so that much has already been established. Seeing Bastion sprout metal wings definitely had Archangel vibes, and the Apocalypse allusions have fans wondering if Angel will be entering the X-Men '97 universe in season two.